How can I see someone’s WhatsApp messages without touching their phone and letting them know? Yes you can, however this shall be going against their privacy rights and might possibly bring you legal consequences.

For different reasons, you might be burning to know snoop into someone’s WhatsApp conversations. It might be for your own security concerns reason or any other reason.

Whatever your reason that is, you do not have to know tech for you to snoop someone’s WhatsApp Chats. In this guide, we shall show you how to hack WhatsApp Chats With no Tech Knowledge.

Remember this information is given for informational purposes and should not be used for any malicious intents.

How To See Someone’s WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Their Phone

How To See Someone’s WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Their Phone Using QR Code

In case you need to access someone’s Watsapp messages and keep updated of all new developments, this is the method for you.

Whatsapp allows for double access of the same account from the computer web version and the phones android of iphone version.

Now, this method involves you launching the web version of the target whatsapp account on your computer. Remember, you shall need one time access to this person’s unlocked phone.

Steps To See Someone’s Watsapp Chats Using QR Code

  1. On your computer, open what app web.
  2. To sign into your WhatsApp web account, you need to scan a qr code that you shall be presented with.
  3. Find the target phone and open what app, go to the settings menu and find Watsapp web then scan the qr code.
  4. You now have the target Watsapp account on your computer and can check all the messages including future ones and media.

You Can See Someone’s Watsapp Chats By Exporting Their Chat History

This is the second method through which you can spy on someone’s Watsapp chats without their knowledge.

WhatsApp allows a user to access and export all the chats and media to an external storage such as the Google drive cloud storage. This method however shall not update any future messages. Follow the below procedure.

Steps To Spy Someone’s Watsapp Messages By Exporting Them

  1. Get access to the WhatsApp account you want to get the chats from.
  2. Open the specific chat you want to read.
  3. On the top right, click on the drop down menu to expose options.
  4. Select the export option the choose Gmail, enter your email and click export to finish the process.
  5. You shall be able to access all the messages within that chat as a file in your inbox. The only disadvantage with this approach is that you cannot get updated with any new messages.

The above two methods shall allow you to easily read someone’s Watsapp chat so you can find whatever your interest is. Remember, what app is private and hacking, spying or accessing via any means without the consent of the owner is a crime. This article is for information purposes and doesn’t in any way encourage you to spy into someone’s private Watsapp account.

Check someone’s Watsapp chats without their knowledge

Similar Questions About Accessing Someone’s Watsapp Chats Without Their Knowledge

Can you spy on WhatsApp chat?

Yes, you can spy on WhatsApp chat, however it is illegal and goes against the victims privacy rights.

How can I check WhatsApp messages without phone?

You can easily check your WhatsApp messages without your phone by opening the Watsapp web on a PC or laptop.

Can you open someone’s WhatsApp without them knowing?

You can open someone’s Watsapp without them knowing using the above methods. However, this is not legal nor ethical and might land you into legal trouble.

Can someone read my WhatsApp messages without my phone?

Yes, someone can read your Watsapp messages without your phone. However, they have to use your phone to open your Watsapp on the PC or get your messages using Watsapp email back ups.

How To See Someone’s WhatsApp Chat Messages Without Their Phone

You can see someone’s Watsapp chat without their phone by asking them to log into Watsapp web on your PC or by getting their Watsapp back up files. You should always ask for the users permission before doing this.

How can I get WhatsApp messages without them knowing for free?

To get someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing for free, use the steps describe in this guide.

Is it possible to get WhatsApp chat history of other mobile?

Yes, it is possible to get Watsapp chat history of other mobile either by accessing the other mobile or by getting the back up files of that phones Watsapp account.

How do I know if my boyfriend is cheating on WhatsApp?

To know wether your boyfriend is cheating on Watsapp, you can ask them or try accessing their WhatsApp and confirm.

How do you know if someone is chatting offline on WhatsApp?

To know wether someone is chatting offline on WhatsApp, open your chats with that person and check on the header of Watsapp beside the profile icon, it shall be indicated offline or online.

How can I see who saved my WhatsApp number in their contacts list?

To see who saves your Watsapp number in their contact list, check wether you can view that contacts Watsapp status, if you cannot see their status then they have not saved you in their contact list.

How do you know if someone is talking to someone else on WhatsApp?

To know wether someone is chatting with someone else on Watsapp, they shall delay replying to your messages while they are online.

Can someone be online on WhatsApp without it showing?

Yes, someone can be online without it showing since the have set their online or offline status to be private

Can I see someone online on WhatsApp if I am not in their contacts?

Yes, you can see someone online on Watsapp even if they have not saved you in their contact list. However if their online status is set to private, you shall not be able to see.

What are the hidden features of WhatsApp?

Rare watsapp features are found on other Watsapp versions like Watsapp gb or Watsapp fm. However these applications are not official Watsapp apps.

How do I unblock myself on someones WhatsApp?

You can unblock yourself from someone’s Watsapp by accessing their phone and unblocking yourself or by asking them to unblock you.

Can someone see how many times you view their WhatsApp status?

No, someone can only see that you viewed their WhatsApp status but cannot see how many times you viewed their status.

How do I know if someone has deleted me from their contacts?

You shall know that someone has deleted you from their WhatsApp contact list if you are not able to see their profile picture or WhatsApp status updates.

Was blocked by someone on WhatsApp but I can still see her online status How is that possible?

If someone blocked you on Watsapp but you can still see them online, it means they have not restricted their online or offline status privacy to saved contacts alone so everyone can see it.

Can you tell if someone looks at your WhatsApp profile?

No, you cannot tell wether or not someone looks at your Watsapp profile.

When someone blocks you on WhatsApp can you see their about?

When someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, you cannot see their about.

How do I unblock myself on someones WhatsApp?

If you want to block yourself on someones Watsapp, ask them for their phone and block yourself or better ask them to block you or still you can block them from your side.

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