When shall Helb loan 2022/2023 be disbursed to university students


  • The Higher Education Loans Board HELB has confirmed that disbursement for 2023 university students shall be done within September and continue till the end of October.
  • This is after students complained of delayed disbursement of helb loan 2023.
  • The HELB loans body has confirmed receiving a 2.8B capitation from the government of Kenya treasury.
  • Comrades are more than hopeful and happy to receive this news after a long wait.

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Detailed Helb Loan Disbursement News

The higher education loans board has confirmed that university students shall receive their helb loan disbursement within January. This announcement comes after university students complained of overdue loan disbursement this semester despite universities resuming soon. Other university students have also been complaining over social media about hunger strikes with the delayed disbursement of money that they depend on.

“We have today (Monday) received the financial year 2022/23 quarter three capitation of Sh2.8 billion from the National Treasury. The pending student loan payments are currently being addressed and will be concluded within January,”

Helb on twitter.

Helb loan is released to university students in two faces. The first face is in September and the following phase is in January. In a past communication, HELB complained about the lack of funds to disburse the students. The total amount each university student gets annually is 37,000 shillings which is a low amount given that each university student is expected to spend at least 200,000 shillings per year in order to comfortably sustain their life is campus.

Helb chief executive Ringera late last year told the parliamentary committee of education this. “Given that Helb provides about Sh37,000 currently then it means the students or the household has to raise another Sh162,000,”

The situation for university students has been worse and according to the chairman of the vice chancellor’s committee Muluvi, the Disbursement shall come as a reprieve to most university students who were at risk of being left out of the upcoming end-sem examination. “The university sector is like a chain. When the students fail to pay fees then the operations in the institutions are affected as well; you find a problem in paying lecturers and running operations,”

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  1. Enock Obara says:

    And for technical colleges when will the help be disbursed

    1. I as a comrade i have a hard time for the delay which have occurred in helb over the less i will be forced to register my exam come January

    1. Nguma Kalama says:

      When will batch 4265 get disbursed aky we are suffering..

    1. Cleatas magongo says:

      Same question here
      When is 4272 being disbursed …Aki tutagive up

  2. Festus wanjohi says:

    There is total delay in the disbursement. Most of us are still at how since we can’t access university services without having been cleared and this forces us to remain at home despite learning having resumed a week ago.Batch no. 4266. It’s our plea if you release the amount before the end of next week and most probably on Monday date 19/09/2022

  3. When will KCA University Students stop being locked out of services offered due to school fees :Assignments already given not done with it so what are doing?

    1. Cleatas magongo says:

      Hii shule Kwanza Pande ya fee hawatakangi kujua…Niko huku Na tunapitia
      Helb batch 4272 tunangoja Sana.
      Kama hakuna pesa mseme Better we deffer
      Stop giving us fake hopes

  4. RealTyson says:

    You keep on repeating this content every now and then, I’ve been reading this article from last month, we want our bank accounts to ‘smile.’ Ngoja ngoja huumiza tumbo.

  5. Mambo ya 2020 wacha kabisa. Nangoja hiyo pesa kujisaidia ili nisaidie wengine baadae. Stop luring us to traffic data to your website to give old information.

  6. Victor ongondo says:

    Helb board should facultate our services as students to the university inquiries..we can’t keep on making voluntary axclutions to some of the services that we deserve as co members of the institution, we need that money

  7. Bill Clinton Omollo says:

    It’s very unfortunate that this board has kept on giving us fake hopes. Like for my case, I’m stranded whether I’ll carry on with my studies or not…HELB SHOULD DO SOMETHING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.OR ELSE,, COMRADES WILL GO FOR THE DEMONSTRATION WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

  8. I’m tired of waiting..when will helb be disbursed to my account?

  9. Fredrick Mukabane says:

    Am leaving outside because I can’t afford to pay for the rent. Please 🙏

  10. Hello,I am in my 4th year semester 1 and soon I’ll be deferred by the institution coz I’ve not paid school fees.Deadline for portal closure is 7th October 2022…Kindly pay batch 4326,,,equally I’m suffering.

  11. Odhiambo Jacob says:

    I don’t understand what HELB , is it a scum?
    I am an orphan, not benefited from HELB , please help me understand it

  12. When will disbursement be completed it has been long my portal is saying disbursement in progress, it’s now past three weeks, kindly our able officials do something

  13. Afroline juma owino says:

    It has been 3 weeks since my hrlb portal is reading disbursement in progress what is wrong and they have not yet provided the batch number and I have disbursement letter and award letter but the portal is saying disbursement in progress please I need to pay my fee please help me

  14. Afroline juma owino says:

    Please the batch number has not been given to me and the disbursement and award letter has been given to me what’s wrong please help me and the money not yet paid to the account and now is 3weeks since my portal is reading disbursement in progress

  15. Lavendah Mutono says:

    batch number has not been given to me and the disbursement and award letter has been given to me, for how long should I wait, money not yet paid to the account and now is 3weeks since my portal is reading disbursement in progress. TELL US HOW LONG.

  16. So you want us to die so that you pay batch 4351? It is now becoming more worse you allocated me very less amount which cannot sustain my needs here

    1. Ivy kazira says:

      My loan has just been verified for like 3 months now plz helb help me my fee is pending and I don’t want to be left out plz help

  17. Stephen Mbayi says:

    When will batch 4368 be disbursed coz it’s now two weeks since disbursement in progress is reflecting

  18. Lydia Akoth says:

    What’s my batch number??nothing received and account reading allocated?

    1. Ednah Somba says:

      My helb status is still reading allocated and no batch number please help me

      1. Ednah Somba says:

        I have not registered my units due to lack of money , please helb help me ,,and my status is still reading allocated and no batch number ,,my ID is 35672580

  19. KEVIN WAFULA says:

    HELB PLEASE what is my batch number kirinyaga university were already paid you left me out with my loan status still reading ALLOCATED ID 37996178 GIVE ME A LASTING SOLUTION

  20. Kipkorir Denis cheruiyot says:

    Helb what is the problem with my tution fee of id number 39722744

    1. Kimalel Benard says:

      Please do assist in disbursing the money…. still waiting…

  21. Immanuel ouma says:

    When is loan appeals be opened for 2022/2023 academic year

    1. Faithmary says:

      Why is the disbursement delayed always stating disbursement in progress batch 4393 do something

  22. Glory Gakii says:

    My allocation happen and the disbursement process not yet what the problem

  23. Walucho Gabriel Mukhwana says:

    Walucho Gabriel Mukhwana I have not been allocated anything nor Informed anything about disbursement

  24. surely as they have been posted, we are really tired of fake endless hope from you guys… pls do check the upkeep reversal of 2019/2020. id 36829806. thanks guys

  25. Elizaphan njuguna says:

    My helb status is reading disbursement in progress for sometime since last dec no helb yet 4334

  26. Isaac Ing'olan Esinyen says:

    When will batch 04393 be disbursed, since it’s reflecting disbursement in progress for two weeks now

  27. Maneno Emmanuel says:

    My helb hasn’t been disbursed since I applied for it almost two months ago,what might be the prolem, please assist

  28. What’s the problem that the batch number not displaying I ha be been waiting for long please

  29. Bonface mulinge says:

    Hey the more you are delaying the more we are stuffing at school and the more confused we are because this helb loan is my primary source of income at school. Batch 4406 I’d 39323273 please do something good 😊

  30. Njuguna Njuguna says:

    What’s with the “Disbursement in progress “thing just wire us the money guys n stop fuck**g around. Mnatupea ama hamtupei pesa . We’re hungry bana. Tumeinama sana😫

  31. Njuguna Njuguna says:

    What’s with the “Disbursement in progress thing” mnatupea pesa ama ? Or should we just die of starvation. Wire the money n stop fuck**g around guys

  32. Michael wekesa says:

    I have already given up.because I was being lied that help will assist me but nothing I have seen am now looking for school fare to go back home may education is not my dream. But help please this life is have my help loan have not even disburst

  33. Dorcus Wesonga says:

    Why are you taking this long to disburse the tuition fee am tired of waiting

  34. James siocha says:

    🤦 I have no where to begin my griefs not only the landlord threatening to lock me out the exam also watching me in a sarcastic manner 😓 hapa mimi nimeinama vya kutosha kindly batch number 04393 kindly helb tuonee huruma we are pessimistic..

  35. When will you disburse batch number 4333 it’s about fee dateline

  36. Denniskiprop says:

    Heeg please I am requesting for mine.. Nimengoja saana aki

  37. David Takei says:

    My loan was verified two months ago bt till now I haven’t received either batch no. Or allocation plz work on it is,,40794085

  38. My helb has been verified when will I please receive the loan…am starving and have not payed rent….

  39. I humbly request you people to speed up the process plz, not one person almost every student is already suffering with nowhere to turn there hand for help and our help is helb under this circumstances, so mtusaidieni tafadhali nimeomba

  40. Abigail nelima masibo says:

    Me too bro
    thinking iven to remove my helb appliance

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