Types And Prices Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

Prices Of Iron Sheets In Kenya

In case you are planning to construct your roof, iron sheets are among the main parts. The price of iron sheets in Kenya is 450 shillings to 3,500 shillings per piece on average. The cost of roofing sheets varies depending on the type and other factors as we shall see in detail later. We shall also help you select the right gauge and type of affordable mabati for your roofing project.

Iron sheets come in sizes of lengths 2, 2.5, and 3 meters, and a universal width of 0.85 meters. The gauge roofing sheets determines how heavy or light they are. The lower the gauge, the heavier the mabati. In Kenya, you shall get them in gauges 28, 30 and 32. During the fixing, expect an overlap of your iron sheets, therefore you need to choose a longer size to cater to the overlapping distance.

A standard iron sheets roof. Source: UGC

Before we go into the price, you have to consider the type of iron sheets your roof shall need to keep strong and secure your house while at the same time giving you a good-looking roof. Some brands, gauges, and types might sound too cheap but always wear out early turning out to be expensive in the long run. Before leaving the whole roofing to your contractor, you need some level of understanding of the different types and prices of mabati in Kenya to avoid getting shortchanged.

Types of Iron sheets and their prices in Kenya

Knowing the type of roofing sheets in Kenya shall save you the losses that most homeowners in Kenya get. Each iron sheets supplier in Kenya claims to give the best but that is not always the case when it comes to the results. This gives you a reason to know the types and prices of iron sheets as detailed below.

1. Corrugated Iron Sheets

corrugated iron sheets in Kenya. Source: UGC

Corrugated iron sheets are grooved iron sheets that usually have folds. The folds allow them to respond to environmental factors such as high temperatures or extreme cold. The grooves in them also make them stronger which shall result in a strong roof.

The price of 2m gauge 28 corrugated iron sheets in Kenya is 650 shillings on average. Gauge 28 is the thickest and heaviest while gauge 30′ and 32′ are lighter. For a strong roof, go for gauge 28 which might cost more compared to lighter gauges.

They come in different types to choose from. Some are colored, while others have square grooves rather than rounded folds. Below are different types of corrugated iron sheets and their prices in Kenya.

  • Galvanized: These are coated with zinc. Due to this coating, galvanized roofing sheets are rust-proof to last longer.
  • PVC Plastisol: These are long-lasting, weather and rust-proof iron sheets that can go over 30 years on your roof. They are coated with primer paint and PVC to achieve durable lightweight iron sheets.
  • Polyester Painted Roofing Sheets: Corrugated polyester painted roofs are of low quality and can be used for temporary construction site fences and warehouses. If you have been looking for cheap iron sheets to build your warehouse then corrugated polyester-painted sheets are the best.
  • Bitumen Coated: Bitumen iron sheets just as the name goes, are coated with bitumen which makes the strong and long-lasting for roofing your house in Kenya.

2. Metal Roofing Sheets

metal roofing iron sheets on the roof. Source: UGC

Metal roofing sheets also known are box profile sheets in Kenya differ from corrugated iron sheets in that, their grooves are far apart and aren’t that pronounced. They are one of the best roofing iron sheets to use for your house roofing in Kenya. They have an extra layer of chromatic acid and are coated with zinc to make them rust-proof and highly durable.

Corrugated iron sheets remain the best for roofing your residential house because they have elegant look compared to metal roofing sheets. The best roofing to use this sheets is for public buildings, garages, or garden roofing since they don’t look aesthetically appealing.

The price of 2.5m metal roofing iron sheets in Kenya is 1,300 shillings on average. The price shall be higher for lower gauges such as gauge 28′ and lower for higher gauges such as gauge 30′. The length shall also determine the price.

3. Plastic Roofing Sheets

plastic roofing sheets in Kenya. Source:UGC

Plastic roofing sheets aren’t the type of sheets to use for your permanent house roofing construction. They won’t last long but still serves the purpose right for roofing temporary structures. Plastic mabati such as polycarbonated roofing sheets still last fairly long and can sufficiently roof large industrial structures, warehouses, parking lots, and so on.

Focusing on polycarbonate roofing sheets is recommended for large industrial buildings. They are weatherproof and made using polypropylene resin which makes them easy to manage out of their light weight. They come in 3 types which are:

  • Anti-static
  • Corrosive inhibitors
  • Ultraviolet protection

The price of polycarbonated roofing sheets in Kenya is 5,000 to 15,000 shillings per square meter. The price shall be lower or higher depending on the type.

Price Of Iron Sheets In Kenya Per Gauge

  • Price Of Gauge 32 Iron Sheets: The cost of gauge 32 iron sheets of 2M length is approximately 410 shillings in Kenya. Gage 32 iron sheets are lighter compared to gauge 30 iron sheets.
  • Price Of Gauge 30 roofing sheets: The cost of gauge 30 2M iron corrugated sheets in Kenya is 550 shillings on average in local hardware.
  • Price Of Gauge 28 roofing Sheets: Gauge 28 iron sheets in Kenya cost 700 to 1,500 shillings depending on the length and type of iron sheets. The length of gauge 28 iron sheets ranges from 2-3+ meters.

Prices Of MRM Mabati In Kenya

The price of mrm mabati in Kenya is 450 to 800 shillings on average. Mrm produces different types of iron sheets with the corrugated glossy iron sheets being the cheapest at 490 shillings while euro tile sheets cost 730 shillings.

What is the cost of iron sheets in Kenya?

The cost of iron sheets in Kenya varies depending on the type and roofing purposes as we have seen above. The cost of corrugated roofing mabati in Kenya is 650 shillings while metal roofing sheets cost 1,300 shillings for 2m in length. Polycarbonate ones are the costliest at a price of 5,000 to 15,000 shillings per meter. As we said earlier, the price shall be higher for lower gauges like gauge 28′ and lower for higher gauges like gauge 32′ iron sheets.

Which is the best roofing sheet in Kenya?

The best roofing sheets for your permanent residential house are corrugated sheets which cost an average of 650 shillings. The best for roofing industrial structures are polycarbonated iron sheets which cost 5-15,000 shillings in Kenya. The best mabati for roofing public buildings in Kenya are metal iron sheets that last longer despite their look.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of roofing a House in Kenya?

This depends on the size of the building as the cost of roofing can be calculated by multiplying the price of a single roofing sheet by the number of sheets required to cover the building.

How Much is Decra Roofing in Kenya?

The price of Cedar roofing tiles is about sh.2,000 per square meter. In comparison, Korean roofing retails from sh.1,400 to sh.1,600 depending on the profile.

What is the price of iron sheets in Kenya?

✓ The price of iron sheets in Kenya is 350-470 depending on the type, gauge, and length of the iron sheets you want to buy.
✓ Mabati of 2M and gauge 30 costs approximately sh.760 in a local hardware outlet. About sh.448 per square meter. For plain gauge 30 mabati, you may spend up to sh.470.
✓ Gauge 32mabati of 2M length shall cost approximately 410 shillings. This has been an approximate cost of Iron sheets in Kenya, and store prices may vary.

What is the price of royal Mabati in Kenya?

The price of royal Mabati in Kenya is 360 per meter. The price shall vary depending on the length, gauge, and type of Mabati you plan to buy from the royal Mabati factory.

Which is the best iron sheet in Kenya?

The best iron sheet in Kenya is Royal Mabati factory. Any Kenyan can easily tell dumuzaz Mabati which is a product of the Royal Mabati factory.

How much is the galley sheet Mabati in Kenya?

The price of a galley sheet Mabati in Kenya is 450 shillings per meter. Prices may vary depending on the manufacturer, gauge, and length of the gal sheet iron sheets you want to buy

Which is the best Roofing Mabati in Kenya?

The best roofing Mabati in Kenya is dumuzas roofing Mabati from the royal Mabati factory.

Which is the best roofing material in Kenya?

The best and most commonly used roofing material in Kenya is iron sheets commonly known as Mabati in Kenya.

What is the best gauge for iron sheets?

Gauge 30 is the best gauge for iron sheets when constructing residential and other structures

What are the types of iron sheets?

✓ Corrugated Roofing Sheets
✓ Sheet Metal Roofing Sheets
✓ Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

Which roofing sheet is the best in Kenya?

The best roofing sheet in Kenya is dumuzaz Mabati from dumuzaz Mabati factory in Kenya.

Which company makes nyumba Mabati?

The company that makes nyumba Mabati in Kenya is The Corrugated Group | East Africa’s Leading Steel Producer | Nyumba Brand.

What does gauge mean in iron sheets?

Gauge in iron sheets means the thickness of iron sheets. The common iron sheet gauges in Kenya are gauges 32′ and 30′

What is a corrugated sheet?

A corrugated iron sheet is a type of iron sheet that is strengthened for use in construction by having a series of alternating grooves and ridges forced into it, also galvanized to resist extreme weather.

How much do iron sheets cost in Kenya?

Iron sheets in Kenya cost around ksh.300 to ksh.1000 for every single sheet.

Which iron sheet gauge is mostly recommended?

Gauge 30 sizes are mostly recommended as it’s best for ordinary structures and building residential homes.

How much do versatile iron sheets cost in Kenya?

Versatile iron sheets cost around ksh.700 for every sheet.

Which timber is the best for roofing purposes?

Cedar is mostly preferred for roofing purposes as it is weather resistant, flexible, and strong.

Which Wood is mostly used for roofing purposes?

Most builders tend to use plywood for roofing purposes as it is less expensive and weather resistant.

Best Iron Sheets In Kenya And Suppliers To Trust

best iron sheets in Kenya and suppliers to trust

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