price of construction sand in Kenya

  • 20 tons of sand now costs 40,000
  • 30,000 shillings
  • 10 tones cost 20-25,000 shillings. These prices are the highest and are set to rise even more.  

Construction sand is one of the bulk inputs in construction. Sand is usually used alongside cement and blast to firm concrete. Sand and cement mixtures are used to fill spaces. Sand, ballast, and cement are used to make concrete that is used in making slabs, columns, and beams.

The price of construction sand in Kenya varies with factors such as distance from the source and government restrictions. In this article, we break down the price of construction sand in Kenya.  

These are the uses of sand in construction 

Sand is very important in construction, as said earlier, it is used as a joining agent. Sand mixed with water and cement is used to join blocks together during construction.  

Sand is used in making concrete for making areas like slabs, columns, and beams.  

Price of sand in Nairobi 

The price of sand in Nairobi has been hiking every day. Nairobi depends on neighboring counties for the supply of construction sand. The counties moved to put strict restrictions on the mining of sand due to environmental protection measures. This made construction sand in Nairobi very expensive.  

The counties of Kitui, Machakos, Kajiado, and makueni have put strict policies governing the harvesting of sand. They reported that previously, harvesters mined construction sand without regard to the environment.  

Types of sand used in construction 

Before buying sand, it is important to know the different types of sand used in construction.  

Natural or River sand 

This is the kind of sand found beside water bodies and river banks. This type of soil is fine and is used in making concrete, plastering, and brick joining. The grains are well shaped and demand less water when mixed with cement. This type of sand firm’s naturally in rivers and other water bodies and is the fire cheaper. It is important to kite that such sand contains silica which should be below 5% for construction purposes. 

Fill Sand 

As the name suggests, fill Sand is used in construction for filling purposes. It is made of fine grains that are a result of erosion from stones. It can be used to fill holes, be used as the filling material for paving and many other bases use such as filling around skeptic tanks.  

Concrete Sand  

This makes s sand made from crushed concrete. Concrete Sand is used for filling and can be mixed with cement to make concrete for pavements and other bases.  

Pit sand 

Pit sand is the kind of side that is mined from the ground. It is the best sand for construction due to its excellent binding qualities. It is usually sharp, angular, rough, and coarse grains. Thanks s construction sand is free from any kinds of salts and therefore does not react with moisture and shall last. 

Manufactured Sand 

This is the kind of sand manufactured in factories to be used in construction in place of sand. Manufactured Sand has almost the same qualities as River sand and is most times used in India. It contains fewer effort impurities and is readily available compared to river sand.  

When choosing construction sand in Kenya, ensure it has less silt content, and should not contain organic components or any other foreign material. Each type of sand has its areas, choose the correct type for each task.  

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