The National Transport Safety Authority, NTSA has embraced technology and moved most of its services online. Nowadays you no longer have to make long queues at the Huduma centre to receive government services. You can access these services at the comfort of your office or home and avoid long waits or paying brokers for services you should get free. So, how do you subscribe to NTSA TIMS account? Let’s understand what is NTSA TIMS first.

What is NTSA TIMS?

TIMS is a free, seamless, and convenient portal for both members of the public and foreign nationals living and working in Kenya to access NTSA services. National Transport and safety authority require when members are registering their individual accounts in TIMS provide (National Identification Number, KRA PIN Certificate and the Mobile Number)

The procedure of NTSA Kenya TIMS registration

  1. Visit:
  2. Click the TIMS logo (subscribe to receive SMS)
  3. Register an account on TIMS
  4. Enter your National Identification Card (ID) serial number and other required information
  5. You can register as an individual, Dealer, agent, financial institution, or company.
  6. Both buyer and seller must have an account on TIMS
  7. Log in to access your profile.

Note: You must subscribe to SMS to receive notifications on passwords, security codes, and other information involved in the process.

How do I subscribe to NTSA TIMS SMS?

Procedure to subscribe to NTSA TIMS SMS?

  1. Visit SMS portal: subscribe SMS

  2. Enter your phone number and subscribe.

  3. To confirm you have subscribed to NTSA 22847 Service

  4. Dial 100541# for Safaricom pre-paid

  5. Dial 200541#

How to recover NTSA TIMS account

One of the ways you can lose your account is by forgetting your password making it impossible to access NTSA crucial services through your account. To recover your account, follow the simple steps below:

  1. Move to the TIMS home page, below the log in section, click on “Forgot your password”
  2. On the password recovery page, provide your “Username or ID number” and from the drop-down menu. select the category from which you had your account.
  3. On the next step, choose the authorization method you would prefer.
  4. Press on “Get verification code” which will be sent to your phone via NTSA TIMS SMS service.
  5. Enter the code
  6. Select the security question you had set up during registration and provide the right answer.
  7. Press on submit to move to the next step, where you will create a new password and confirm it.
  8. Press “submit” to complete your account recovery.

NTSA TIMS person not found

When attempting your registration, you might find such a message popping up. It sis because you might have used a serial number from a lost national ID that you have recovered. The reason it wont work is that the serial number in the system is that of the new national ID that you replaced.

Services offered by NTSA TIMS platform:

  1. View all vehicles you own.
  2. Apply for your vehicle registration.
  3. Apply for transfer of your vehicle ownership to another party.
  4. Confirm ownership transfer.
  5. Register for any physical or functional changes to your vehicles.
  6. Accept ownership of vehicles transferred to you.
  7. Apply for duplicate logbooks
  8. Reflective number plate application
  9. Vehicle inspection
  10. Driving license application.

As you can see It only takes a few minutes to register for NTSA TIMS account. Provided you have the necessary documents and details, the process will be smooth and easy. You can access various NTSA TIMS account services via the free NTSA app which is available on the Google Play store.

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  1. Monica Mukuru says:

    My son was given a DL 24486331
    What is the position
    He was at Ultimate driving school

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Monica,
      To know details about your DL, use the above guide article, you shall be redirected to the e-citizen portal where you shall get all the details.

      The Kenyan.

  2. James masila says:

    Have been opening my tims account have filled everything but authorization message yet been sent this is my second day am getting tired

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