How I Make Money From Selling Mitumba Clothes Online In Nairobi – From being homeless, 2,000 shillings capital saved me.

Our superwoman today comes from mummy tales. We found it so inspiring and had to do it for our mothers today.

A text from Irene’s baby daddy in 2014 seemed the end, but was in a real sense the start of the bright side of her life. The dad of her child texted saying he could not continue supporting them since he had too many bills to tend to.

That was not all, Irene, an online writer then could not manage to pay rent from her meager earnings. On December 26th, her house was broken into and valuables stolen, including the dear laptop that she used for writing.

Things got tough and she finally relocated to her parent’s home. Everything with her went okay, until her dad decided to help her ‘start’ her own life again, with three months rent for a start and no job or any other source of money, she was literally being diplomatically ‘chased’ out of the home.

However, with 2,000 shillings capital from the rent, Irene has been able to make an online Mitumba business empire, and stands strong and proud to share her life journey and the online Mitumba business industry best practices, watch her testimony below:

Irene shares her story, as a living testimony, to inspire all women going through hard times or planning to start a new business. With just 2,000 shillings, actually taken from rent money, Irene now has two employees and a jam of customers.

When planning to start your Mitumba business, start small, but not without a plan, start today, pray for your business and everything shall take the course.

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