In this piece of text, we’re going to have a look at how Kenyans make money on youtube. Following the rapid elevation of technology in Kenya in the past few years, jobs and employment services have moved from physical to online platforms at a very steady rate. Kenyans have shifted their interests and professions to online business and freelancing services such as data entry, web development, as well as content creation services to earn income as they gain experience and dominance in their respective fields. Due to this, many online platforms have popped up and skystriken their production. Individuals have been joining freelance and online job platforms to win deals as well as contracts both on a short-term and long-term basis.

Youtube is one of the popular media platforms that has received high membership and high-income production for many youths in Kenya, especially during the Covid19 period. In this article, I’m going to show you how Kenyans make money on youtube. Youtube allows you to share video and photographic content across the globe. One can own a channel on this site and upload video content to their respective audience. If a youtube channel is monetized, one can start to earn income over watch-time, the number of likes, and hosting ads on your videos. However, this skill has been mastered and exploited by a very small proportion of Kenyans.

Advertisers pay fees to youtube and the platform channels the revenue down to you depending on one’s production rate. That said, you should be aware that you may take quite some time to develop and monetize your account/channel. Attracting high-quality earnings might take up to two years. Therefore, you need to be patient and enthusiastic about your course to make a breakthrough on this media platform. I’m going to give you the tips you’ll need to acquire a youtube channel and start making money as soon as you can.

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What do you require- How Kenyans make money on Youtube

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll have everything in place to move ahead more swiftly. Here are the requirements for creating a youtube channel and make money on it:

1. A Gmail account

Make sure you have a Gmail account because it’s mandatory in youtube account creation. If you don’t have one, head to Google and create one. Beware that your Gmail will be used as your username and you’ll need it to access your account.

2. An uploading device

You’ll require a device with a working and steady internet connection to upload and share your content on youtube. You can use your android phone, iPhone laptop, or even PC desktop to access your account and upload every video.

3. Content

To have a successful youtube account, you will have to produce a certain type of content relevant to a specific target audience to earn viewership. Make sure you have a plan before everything else.

How Kenyans make money on youtube 2021

Create a Youtube Channel

How to create a youtube channel This is the most basic factor to consider when learning how Kenyans make money on youtube. Your Youtube channel is linked to your google channel. It holds your identity on Youtube since it holds your data, contacts, and everything you upload. Here are the steps you should follow when creating a youtube channel:

• Using your Gmail account, sign up to Youtube on the website or application. create a secure password that will be used to log in and access your account. If you already own a Gmail account, you can easily create the channel using your Google account. You can create and edit keywords on your channel that will direct your target audience to you.

• Go to your advanced settings and add the relevant keywords for your Youtube channel.

Upload quality Content

Depending on the type of content one produces, video length varies from one channel to another. Beware that your content must be high quality due to the high levels of competition on the site nowadays. Make sure you post on your channel consistently to make your viewers dependant and loyal to you. This will increase your channel’s subscription. Consistency goes in hand with improvement, catch that! Remember to tag your videos with the relevant keywords to reach your target audience maximumly.

Increase number of subscribers.

Having a high subscription rate on youtube is the key factor to monetizing your channel. This is the secret breakthrough to everyone’s youtube channel on the planet today. With vast subscribers, you’ll have numerous subjects to watch the ads on your videos thus more income. To earn more subscribers, be consistent with your content creation and improve your content every day to appease your followers. Don’t forget to be highly responsive especially to your subscriber’s comments to keep a fruitful bond with your community. Monetizing your channel Upon reaching a certain number of subscriptions on youtube, you’ll be able to monetize your channel. The site will be posting ads on your videos for your subscribers to watch. Ads on your video will mean that there’s no copyrighted content in your posts. Go to ‘my channel’ then click the video manager at the top of the page then tap the ‘video manager’ button. Click the ‘channel’ tab then enable it.

Attain the requirements Before you start wondering how Kenyans make money on youtube, you should know all the factors considered and everything needed to run the course. To monetize your Youtube account, you’ll require a minimum subscription of 1000 individuals and 4000 hours of watch-time. Monetize videos when uploading them by going to the ‘Monetization’ option then select Monetize with ads. You can even activate the monetizing option after uploading your video by clicking the ($) button.

Create your Google Adsense

All publishers on Google, as well as partners, receive their payments through Adsense. Visit the Adsense site to create your account; you just have to be 18 years old. You’ll be required to provide your identity information such as your legal email address and bank information for Adsense verification. You can link your channel to your Paypal account or your local bank account number. Examine the Video Analytics Remember to look-see your videos’ analytics after uploading and even monetizing them to keep track of your every video’s progress on the channel. Hit the ‘Analytics’ option on the channel’s menu bar to check on your views, watch time, estimated income per video, demographics, and most importantly Ads performance. With this data, you’ll easily maintain and improve your production depending on your current status.

Market your Videos elsewhere Instead of just depending on your Youtube channel to increase your audience. You can market and increase your channel’s visibility by creating a social media page, blog, or even website to reach out to bigger numbers thus growing your channel. This will lead to increased views, more watch time, and an increased number of subscribers since you’ll get noticed.

How to make money on Youtube

1. Partnering with Youtube to get income from ads on your videos.

2. Sell products or merchandise on Youtube.

3. Crowdfund any upcoming or intended projects.

4. You can go for ‘fan funding’ to let your fans audience support your projects.

5. License your Youtube content.

6. Partner with other organizations or brands to work as a middleman or affiliate to narket their products.

How Kenyans earn from Youtube views

All Youtube publishers earn their income from Adsense. Adsense monetizes Youtube to earn Google and Youtube users income after channel monetization. Different YouTubers earn differently depending on the varying Cost Per Mile (CPM). This defines the earning cost for every 1000 impressions made. One gets to earn 7.6 USD for every one thousand views achieved on a video i.e 0.00760$ for a single view. I believe you can now start your Youtube channel now that you’ve grasped how Kenyans make money on Youtube. Make sure you start monetizing your Youtube channel as soon as possible and make improvements on your content every day; consistency is key!

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