Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp has undoubtedly achieved heights of success in the recent past has built a formidable team that knew no defeat unless the gods of football (if any)  were not on their side. However, in the 2020/2021 premier league season, the inhabitants of Anfield have often walked alone through horrifying moments exposing some level of unprecedented weakness and setbacks which Jurgen has failed to address threatening to rip Liverpool further in the offing. Through Liverpool, many other football managers across England have learned the bottlenecks of using one tactical approach for way too long and the effects of lacking flexibility information and dynamics. 

For the record  the reigning champions have now lost six home matches in a row in the English top-flight for the first time in history . For clarity purposes , the six losses includes teams such as Brighton and Fulham , teams that would have been a cup of soup for them. Liverpool won the English Premier League title last season amidst a lot of flair and brilliance . The same players have failed to perform to their caliber this season with fingers pointed at one injury thwarted Virjil Van Djik(VVD) although pundits have disagreed that his  absence justifies their poor form. Liverpool in their wonton 4-3-3 have been the masters of high press with excellent full backs ranked one of the best in the PL. However with VVD and Joe Gomez missing in action the form and shape of Liverpool has been altered significantly . Moreover , it would be extremely difficult to break down teams in PL right now using the same approach owing to the fact that most teams have quite experienced managers. 

Liverpool are said to have been pennywise but pound foolish. For a big team , there should be around five senior senior centre backs. Liverpool had three and settled for satisfaction in them . They brought in one Alcantara who is also good in what he does , in fact he is an amazing La Masian . However, the imprudence of that course of action started to manifest when VVD, Joe Gomez and Joel Matip got injured. Midfielders had to drop back and masquerade as centre backs , Fabinho and Henderson. Fabinho had a significant role as a defensive midfielder , manning both Wijnaldum’s and Henderson’s positions whenever the duo went high to press and aid in attacking. However , Alcantara and Wijnaldum have failed to play that rule due to lack of positional sense. Although Fabinho has proved to be good also defensively , he might not be as effective in conjunction with Henderson in stopping high balls as compared to VVD and Joe Gomez who are quite good in the air. This also had effect in the attacking front , since Trent Alexander Arnold(TAA) who is known for sneaking cunning crosses in the area fancies staying back now to form a back three.  

Their attack has become impotent needless to say. Firminho drops too deep to help in the mid denying Salah and Mane the supply they used to enjoy. In the absence of TAA high up the pitch little crosses reach the area of work for the attackers. Furthermore, Set pieces and corners don’t invite any expectation to score due to height disadvantage of Salah , Mane and Firminho.  So now Liverpool find it difficult to score and defend.  

The defending champions need a twitch in formation and style of play for radical solutions. They are facing a risk of missing a spot in the top four with Chelsea , Everton and Aston Villa also contesting for the same. The remaining matches for them are not invitations to treat since they have Wolves , Arsenal and Manchester United in the menu. Liverpool need a lift out of the crisis and change of spirit altogether. With all this happening , the million dollar question is how low are Liverpool going to reach?  

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