How much do tiles Cost In Kenya

Tiles are an easy and fast way to step up the floor of your house. Not only do they step up the look of your house but also make it easy to clean and durable. Tiles give you the freedom to choose the pattern of your floor. The question that remains is, how much do tiles Cost in kenya? 

The cost of tiles in Kenya varies a lot depending on a number of factors. The country of origin of tiles determines the price, for instance in Kenya, the price of tiles imported from sounth Africa is usually lower compared to the price of tiles imported from italy and spain.  

The size of tiles also determines the price. A larger tile costs more compared to a smaller size. The thickness and patterns also determine the cost of tiles. In case you are buying tikes in bulk, expect a better price per box compared to those buying little. 

How much do tiles Cost in Kenya? 

Given the above factors, the prices of tiles vary and generally range from 700-3,500 shillings per square meter. Below are the different sizes of tiles in Kenya. 

  • 200 by 300 mm 
  • 300 by 300 mm 
  • 350 by 350 mm 
  • 510 by 510 mm 
  • 300 by 600 mm 
  • 600 by 600 mm 
  • 450 by 900 mm 
  • 230 by 1200 mm 

What are the best tiles to choose 

The best tiles to choose from shall depend on the purpose. For instance, tikes made for the floor are thicker compared to those meant for the wall. The heavy foot traffic expected on the floor need heavier ceramic floor tiles in Kenya and shall cost more.  

Choose tiles with a regular shape in case you need easy and affordable installation. Choose tiles that are square or rectangle since they are cheaper and easier to install. Other shapes are complicated and hard to install and the fire ends up costing more. As for the patterns, go for plain colored tiles if you are using them on commercial houses such as rentals. In case you are using them in your own house, choose the pattern that best suits you.  

Here are the different types of tiles in Kenya  

Tiles are grouped according to textures, sized, finished and patterns. Before buying tikes, you need to decide the colour and pattern before hand. In case you are planning to use the tiles for commercial buildings, it is good to avoid complicated designs and colors, go for plain colors. Below are the different types of tiles in Kenya. 

Wall tiles 

Worried of an elegant finish that can stand the damp conditions in your kitchen and washroom? Wall tiles are what you need to make a durable and good looking, easy to clean kitchen and washroom surface. Wall tiles come in plain and printed forms, they also come in different sizes to choose from. 

Glazed Ceramic tiles 

Clazed ceramic tiles are those which come with a shinny finish that improves the appearance of your intirior floor. These types of tiles are impermeable and after a longer lasting period due to the glazing coating. 

Polished porcelain tiles 

These are the kind of tiles that are usually large with fine, smooth textured, and shiny surfaces. The big size and polished look make them best suited for offices, living rooms, and rental houses.  

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