How Appeal Helb Loan Rejection

How Appeal Helb Loan Award Ammount

Can your HELB loan application get rejected? 

Your loan application might be rejected due to a number of reasons:  

  • If the applicant might have provided inaccurate or inadequate information in the application form. 
  • If the applicant is banned from the portal due to breaking the portal’s privacy policy or fraudulent activity.  

How to make a Helb loan appeal 

Making a loan appeal may be brought about by the rejection of one’s application or if a student wants their loan amount to be heightened. Hereby, we are going to look at the procedure: 

  1. Go to the HELB portal  
  2. Open the student portal and login into your account 
  3. Click on the ‘HELB loan appeal’ button 
  4. Fill out the loan appeal form and download it  
  5. Print a copy or two of the appeal forms and put your signature on the one you’re going to submit 
  6. Submit the appeal form to any HELB offices around you  

Make sure your appeal is done in time before the ‘Appeal portal’ is closed.  If the timeline is closed, contact HELB assistants to know when it’s going to be open next. I believe you now understand How to apply for a HELB loan and get the maximum amount. Feel free to come back to these guidelines anytime you need a reference, Regards.

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