In the event a student is not satisfied with the placement, KUCCPS offers an opportunity to apply for a transfer. This process can only be done at times designated by KUCCPS through their online portal. This is how to apply for kuccps inter-university transfer.


  • The applicant must meet the following requirements: 
  • The applicant must meet all the entry requirement points for the desired program at the desired institution. 
  • The applicant must also be government-sponsored. 
  • The university of choice must approve the applicant. 

One can apply to change either course, or institution, or both course and institution. In the event the application is rejected, the placement service will allow the applicant to try again, in a different institution or a different program. 

How To Apply For KUCCPS Inter-University Transfer

Time needed: 5 minutes

This is a step-by-step process on how to apply for a successful inter-university transfer, pay for the service and download the kuccps inter-university transfer letter of approval.

  1. Inter-faculty course transfer

    ✓ If you plan to change a course within the same university you have been placed, you don’t use kuccps but wait and join the university after which you can do an inter-faculty transfer and change to your desired course as long as you meet the requirements

  2. First, log into your KUCCPS student’s portal

    Log into your KUCCPS online students portal account using your kcse index number as your username, enter your kcse year of examination and use your birth certificate number as the password

  3. Select ‘Transfers’

    Click on the ‘transfers’ options for student inter-university transfer service fees.

  4. Select the program and university you want kuccps to transfer you to.

    Now select the program you want to transfer to. Enter the program code and move to the next level if you meet the minimum requirements for that program. If you don’t meet the requirements, check for a course that you qualify for and repeat this step.

  5. Fill the kuccps form

    Fill in the kuccps inter-university transfer form online.

  6. Now select the reason for your application for kuccps inter-university transfer.

    The available reasons are;- Medical- Person- Disability- Financial Reasons- Not my preferred program- Other for continuing students who want to change your current university, you shall need the transcripts of the course you’re taking. You shall also be required to write the reasons for your application of transfer is not less or more than 300 characters.

  7. Make the kuccps inter-university transfer service fee via mpesa paybill number

    Pay 1000 shillings kuccps. Use the procedure that shall be shown to pay the fee via kuccps mpesa Paybill number 820201 · Enter 4 digits Exam Year followed by 11 Digits Index Number as your KUCCPS account number and continue to confirm.

  8. Wait for KUCCPS automatic payment confirmation

    Wait for the kuccps system to automatically confirm your KUCCPS inter-university fee payment after which you shall be allowed to continue with the process. Click on submit and enter your kcse index number and continue.

  9. Wait for endorsement from the university you are applying kuccps to transfer you to.

    The university shall consider whether they have available spaces left for the course you’re applying to.

  10. Endorsement from the university you’re applying for kuccps transfer from.

    The university that you are transferring from shall endorse your transfer after approval from the university you are transferring to.

  11. Download your inter-university transfer approval letter and transfer to your selected university and faculty.

    That is how a student that has been placed or is already in a university can change their university institution via kuccps online.


  1. You will be prompted to provide the M-Pesa transaction code at the point of submission. It is advisable to keep the code safe in case it is required of you. 
  2. Do not make the payment without being prompted to or after passing the set deadline. 
  3. Applicants are warned against sending money to individuals or platforms claiming to able able to help. 

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