How to apply for lipa Mpesa Till Number Online in Kenya

Lipa Na Mpesa, both till and pay bill is a service that enables merchants and business owners in Kenya to receive payment on the till or pay bill. The money collected can be used to make other transactions directly from the till or pay bills, such as:

  • •Pay a different business’ till number or pay bill
  • •Send money to a mobile number
  • •Withdraw cash from a bank or an MPESA agent
  • •Selling airtime to a customer using collected funds for a commission.

The process has been simplified drastically from filling out downloadable forms and presenting them to Safaricom offices, to simply filling out an online form. Lipa Na Mpesa is a must-have for every merchant especially in this pandemic period as cashless forms of payment are considered much safer.

How to Apply for an MPESA online
To apply for an MPESA as an individual, all you need is the front and back copy of your national ID.

As a sole proprietor, you are required to produce the following;

  1. Copy of Cancelled cheque or letter from the bank stating bank details as per certificate of registration
  2. Copy of Individual KRA PIN Certificate
  3. Copy of Certificate of Registration or Business Permit No.
  4. Copy of National ID – Front
  5. Copy of National ID – Back

Requirements for application of an MPESA till as a Limited Liability Company

  1. Canceled cheque or letter from the bank stating company bank details
  2. Annual Returns with filling receipt
  3. Company KRA PIN Certificate
  4. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
  5. Copy of CR12 – Validity of 90 days (3 months) or recent
  6. Copy of directors’ National ID or Passport –Front and back
  7. Filled, stamped, or sealed resolution letter signed by Directors of the company
  8. Kenyan Director KRA PIN Certificate

Upon provision of all required documents, the process usually takes 48 working hours.

Getting started on the MPESA till

Upon completion of application for the Business till on the self boarding portal, the merchant/nominated number will;

  • • Receive their till number via SMS
  • • Download the Lipa Na Mpesa sticker from the self-boarding portal
  • • Activate the business till.
  • • Automatically begin receiving payment notifications made to the till on the nominated number.

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