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  1. Godfrey Gitonga says:

    Am Godfrey Gitonga, please when will upkeep loan be disbursed please am in need, and please give me more amount even rent is problem add me some more upkeep money

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Gitonga,

      HELB LOAN offers loans to qualified university and college students to facilitate their studies. Please reach them via the official Helb contacts provided in the above guide.

      The Kenyan.

    1. Thekenyan says:


      To apply for Helb students loan, please follow the above provided guide.

      The Kenyan.


    how can i transfer helb from my former school to another school


    Hello how can i get transfer letter to another school

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Geoffrey,

      What transfer do you mean exactly? Is it the KUCCPS inter- university transfer? Please expound to help us understand your question.


  4. purity kibet says:

    Hello,how can I apply for the second subsequent for 2021/2022

    1. Thekenyan says:

      To know how to apply your subsequent helb loan, please read the above article and follow the steps provided to apply.


  5. Simiyu Kevin wanjy says:

    Hi sir or madam I applied for HELB loan in November and it was verified in December but still up to now it’s still in that VERIFICATION stage. please help me know it it is still available for me or I apply for subsequent loan.

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Simiyu,
      I might be that allocation of Helb loan hasn’t been done yet. We advise that you contact the helb loan support using the contacts provided in this article.


  6. Faith Ayaya says:

    Hello I did certificate cause in bushiangala technical institutions but now I have enroll diploma course in another institutions ..if I apply the loan ..will I apply subsequent or as first applicant

    1. Thekenyan says:

      You shall apply subsequent helb loan. However note that you shall have to transfer your institution in the Helb loan records.


  7. Mark Wafula says:

    When using Helb app the institutional details are missing .why

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Mark,

      Close your Helb loan application and reopen it again. Try also reloading the page, your details including your institution shall appear.
      In case they don’t, then they are missing, you should contact the helb loans support team via the contacts provided in the article above.


  8. While resetting the PIN using the USSD, it keeps saying the wrong ID or date of birth, yet I entered the correct details. How are the details supposed to be entered?

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Joan,

      When resetting the Helb loan pin, the details you enter must match the details in the Helb loans system database. Ensure you are giving the same information you gave during Helb loan first application.
      In case the issue persists, please contact the helb loans support using the contacts provided above.


  9. Elizabeth masakha nafula says:

    Why is it that you have refused my application when I try to apply for other subsequent

    1. Thekenyan says:

      Hello Elizabeth,
      You can only apply subsequent helb loan once per each academic year.


  10. Thekenyan says:

    Hello Geoffrey,

    To transfer your Helb loan fee payment from one university to another, please contact Helb support using the contacts provided in the article above.


  11. Why is it that as I apply subsequent always told me that system delays l try later?

  12. Am a needy student I applied for maximum HELB but you only gave me the minimum amount I appealed but nothing was done concerning it

  13. How much is charged when dialling *642#
    Using the app ,,,it keeps on informing me that the system is experiencing delays everyday what should I do

  14. My subsequent loan Application is not going through for More than several times

  15. Geoffrey Onsare Gesora says:

    Have tried to do subsequent loan application but the system is unavailable for wrong . kindly avail your help.

  16. deadlline of subsequent was 21/8/22
    l tried applying from 10/8/22 did not o through yet i need the money

  17. Kimalel Benard says:

    When is the deadline for helb application 2022/2023 FY and when will they be disbursed plz do assist for the information…. thanks

  18. Kimalel Benard says:

    Congratulations, Your 2022/2023 Undergraduate subsequent loan application of serial 2223427939 has been received. Track the loan status from the HELB Portal…… that the final step or there is other steps to be followed should I wait now…

  19. David Amenya says:

    I tried to apply my subsequent loan but I only Finished one step of phone number verification and other steps where not there why

  20. mercy chepkemboi says:

    applied for subsequent loan 2022/2023 but it reached a time it tells me that the loan is only available for subsequent students what might be the reason

  21. Do help disburse the money directly into your bank a/c and if not how do you access the money after disbursment


    Hello sir/madam
    Am Brigiti and have tried to apply the subsequent loan through the helb app in my phone bu after i enter my phone number its just stuck at the (GENERATE PIN)
    Also have tried through the USSD and after i place the ID number and the SERIAL number it tells me the Id has already been registered what should i do?
    kindly i need your help.

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