The Kenya Medical Training College performs two student intakes annually i.e. the first intake in March and the other one In September of the same year through the KMTC online portal.

Each student is advised to check through promotion adverts to see the available courses and any inlet requirements to be fulfilled before making your course application e.g.

You must have an active personal email address to make an application for a KMTC course as an in-service or re-service student. All qualified/successful students are supposed to be joining the college in March and the other group in September depending on how the KMTC annual schedule runs. 

This application is supposed to be done online whereby one will incur application charges of around Ksh. 2,022 via Mpesa using the Paybill number: 964150.

To inquire about the KMTC application process; reach out to KMTC customers services at +254736993813, +254736212060, +254723000429, 0723004516, 0723004569 or send an email to One can also acquire the application forms/process from the closest Kenya Medical Training College campus. Let us have a look at how to apply for KMTC courses on the application portal in Kenya today.

Course duration 

  1. All KMTC certificate courses take 2 years apart from Community Heath Nursing which goes up to 2 ½ years. 
  2. All KMTC diplomas take 3 years to complete apart from Community Healthoil Nursing which can take a duration of up to 3 ½ years.  

Mean Grade 

  1. For all KMTC diploma courses being offered consider a minimum average grade of C (plain) and above, at least a C- (minus) average grade for all KMTC certificate courses.  
  2. Access the Kenya Medical Training College portal to apply online for KMTC courses on the application portal.

How to apply online for KMTC courses on the Application portal 

Creating a KMTC portal account 

To create your working KMTC portal account online, you have to follow and consider the following guidelines: 

How to apply online for KMTC courses on the Application portal- step by step 

  1. Click the ‘applications’ option on the sidebar on the left side of the portal 
  2. Hit the ‘apply’ button from the drop-down bar 
  3. You’ll be redirected to a course selection option (1) 
  4. Choose the course level you’re willing to take in option 1 i.e. certificate or diploma and click Search 
  5. A form will be received on the page 
  6. Select the program you want to pursue 
  7. Duly fill in the required details in the relevant spaces provided and ensure all the spaces are filled 
  8. Hit the ‘submit application button 
  9. You’ll be directed to an option 2 application form 
  10. Choose the course level you’re willing to take for option 2 
  11. Fill in the required details accurately in the appropriate spaces  
  12. Submit your application 

How to apply online for KMTC courses on the Application portal

Select a soft copy of your leaving certificate from your files and upload them to the page 

Upon redirection to the upload Birth certificate/National ID/passport portal; choose the appropriate file and upload it to the page. Remember to flip the document on both sides before uploading. Thereafter, you are going to be redirected to the ‘confirm courses’ page. 

  1. Make sure the listed courses reflect the ones you selected 
  2. Click the reject button if you want to change the program you’re pursuing 
  3. You’ll be taken back to the application page  
  4. Pay a fee of Ksh.2,022 to KMTC Mpesa paybill number 964150 using your birth certificate or ID number as the account number and confirm the payment to KMTC 
  5. Refresh the page on the portal until the payment is verified. 
  6. The fee paid is for the application process 
  7. Either click on the blue button (confirm) or red button (reject) on the right end of the page to confirm or reject the application process. Make sure all the choices are selected well. 
  8. A verification message will be sent to your registered mobile phone number 
  9. In case you do not receive the two confirmation SMS, reach out to Josephat and Amos at 0713727937 and 0720602805 respectively 
  10. Open the left menu bar and click ‘applications’ to look-see the courses you’ve applied for. 

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