How to calculate end of service gratuity in Qatar

End of service gratuity is a stipulated sum of money paid to a departing employee based on the period of service. This sum is calculated according to your employment contract and the number of years you have served your company. This text is a guide to the Labour Law regarding the end of service gratuity using the online tool by the Ministry-How to calculate end of service gratuity in Qatar. The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has provided an online service that allows applicants to calculate their expected end of service gratuity from there.

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How to calculate end of service gratuity in Qatar

What are the requirements to receive end of service gratuity in Qatar?

You must have completed at least one year of continuous employment to become entitled to this compensation from your employer at the end of your service due to resignation or termination as long as the contract was not terminated as a result of any violations as stated in Article 61 of the Labour Law.

The end of service gratuity applies to all workers in Qatar covered by Labor Law No. (14) of 2004 and Domestic Workers Law No. (15) of 2017. Click here to view the PDF version.= of the law.

How is End of Service Gratuity Calculated in Qatar?

The gratuity is based on the worker’s most recent basic salary. Both the employer and employee have to agree and state it in the contract, as long as it is not less than the wage of three weeks for each year of service.

Total ServiceEnd of service gratuity
Less than a yearNo gratuity
One year and aboveThree weeks (21 days) for each year of service
How is End of Service Gratuity Calculated in Qatar?

Online Calculator for end of service gratuity

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) has an e-service that allows expatriates to calculate their end of service gratuity payment. Click here to access the calculator online. The calculator is in Arabic.

Follow the following steps to calculate your end of service gratuity;

  1. Input the starting date of your contract as stipulated by your contract
  2. Insert your last working date
  3. Input your basic monthly salary as stated in your contract
  4. Input the number of days payable per year (a minimum of 21 days as stated by law)
  5. Click on “calculate” at the bottom part of the screen
How to calculate end of service gratuity in Qatar
How to calculate end of service gratuity in Qatar

An employer can terminate an employee without notice and without paying end of service gratuity under the following conditions

  • If a worker impersonates another person, claims a false nationality different from their own, or presents false documents and certificates.
  • If the worker does a mistake that causes a gross financial loss to the employer, provided the employer notifies the department of the incident before the end of the next working day after having learnt of it.
  • If the worker contravenes the instructions of the owner in regard to maintaining the safety of the workers and the establishment more than once in spite of being warned and provided the instructions are written and posted in a prominent place
  • If the worker breaches his primary obligations described in the contract at the time of employment or breaches this law more than once. If a worker discloses secrets of the establishment he or she works for.
  • If the worker is found under the influence of drugs or in a drunken state.
  • If the worker assaults the employer, the manager or superiors in the establishment.
  • If the worker’s assault on his colleagues is repeated despite being warned before
  • If a worker is convicted by a final judgement with a crime affecting integrity and honesty

Employers of domestic workers may unilaterally terminate the contract without notice and without granting any end of service gratuity payment for the year of dismissal if the worker does not follow the responsibilities stated in the employment contract or those described in Articles (16) and (11) of  Law No.15 of 2017 on Domestic Workers.

A worker can terminate the employment contract before its term expires while keeping their full right to an end of service gratuity under the following circumstances;

  • If the employer fails to implement his obligations as described in the employment contract or by provisions of the Law
  • If the employer or his representative commits physical assault or an immoral act on the employee or his family members
  • If the employer or his representatives act fraudulently with the employee during contracting pertaining to the terms and conditions of the work.
  • If the worker is in serious danger threatening his or her safety and wellbeing with the employer is aware of it but doing nothing
  • If a final decision is issued by one of the Labour Dispute Settlement Committee rules in the favour of the worker.

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