To deal with the spread of COVID-19 in Qatar, Ministries have urged citizens to use e-services to complete important transactions. This includes the process of changing an employer or sponsor formerly done by submitting forms to the offices of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs (MADLSA) and to the ministry of the interior (MOI). Let’s enquire about how to change company sponsorship online in Qatar.

MADLSA has given an outline of the process in the procedures for transferring company sponsorship/changing employers. If you are currently on the hunt for a job, read this guide to learn how to transfer company sponsorship. 

Note that the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs states the following conditions and rules for changing the employer. Here are the requirements and conditions for changing one’s employer. 

  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer that would affect the change. 
  • A notice is to be submitted by the worker 30 days before the date of the contract’s expiry if the contact is fixed-term. 
  • If the contract is open-ended, the worker should have stayed more than five years in service and the notice period is as follows; 
  • 30 days if the service period is 5 years. 
  • 60 days if the duration period is more than 5 years. 
  • All the applications and approvals are subject to all terms and conditions as per the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs. 
  • Industry would be private sector 

How to change company sponsorship online in Qatar

Keep all the documents ready as per MADLSA specifications 

  1. Copies of proof of previous organisation’s work certified by MADLSA 
  1. Attachment of official notification from MADLSA 
  1. No objection letter from the previous organisation addressed to the Director of the Department of Labour. 
  1. Copy of computer card of previous organisation. 

Must fill up Employer change?/Leave Country Worker Notice E-Service form 

One needs a duly filled  Employer Change/Leave Country, Worker Notice E-Service form. The form is available on the MADLSA website. To log in, fill in the following; 

  • QID 
  • Mobile number 
  • Tick the checkbox for CAPTCHA 
  • Enter the OTP code you will receive in your mobile number to access the form 
  • Fill-up the following information: 

Worker details: QID, Name, Nationality, Gender, Job Title, Age, Worker Mobile 

Current employer: Establishment number, Employer Name 

Request details: Purpose, Attested Contract Copy, Signed copy of notice form 

Must get MADLSA approval 

After submitting the above documents, await approval from MADLSA. 

Transfer to the new company 

Upon approval from MADLSA, the new organisation will be notified about your transfer to their company sponsorship. The new organisation is to follow up on the transfer with the ministry of interior services, or via the Metrash2 app. The transfer fee is to be paid as per the Ministry of interior. The steps and guidelines above are meant to make you understand how to change company sponsorship online in Qatar.

Note that if you are under family sponsorship, you will need to process the sponsorship transfer through Immigrations Department. 

The following fees apply; 

  •  Changing the employer/sponsor for the first time costs QR2000 for companies, QR1000 for individuals. 
  • Changing the Employer/Sponsor for second time: QR2500 for companies, QR1500 for individuals. 
  • Changing the Employer/Sponsor for third time or more: QR3000 for companies, QR2000 for individuals. 

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