How to change/retrieve your kra i-tax email address

Sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, you might forget or lose access to your kra i-tax email address. In this guide, we shall show you how to get your email updated by KRA. In case you still have access to your current email address and want to change to another address, we also got you covered. This is How to change/retrieve your kra i-tax email address

How to change your KRA i-tax email

In case you completely lost access to your kra i-tax email, this is the process to follow so that kra can update your email address. After this, you can access your kra itax ( again. What you need:

  • Have a scanned copy of your national identification card
  • Have an email that you can log in and compose and send an email.

Step 1

Open your email and click on compose to start writing a new email 

Step 2 

Direct the email to [email protected] 

Step 3 

On the subject, write ‘CHANGE OF EMAIL’ 

Step 4 

In the body of your email, write your kra pin number and tell KRA that you want to change your itax email address to your current one. Ensure you indicate the email address that you need to be used.  

Step 5 

Attach the scanned copy of your national ID card. Now send the email address, ensure you send it to email [email protected].  

Step 6 

Ensure your email has been sent. After a while, you shall receive an email from KRA. It shall contain a password and security question to help you get back to your itax account.  

Step 7 

Use the password and security question to log into your itax portal here 

Step 8 

Once you are logged into your kra itax portal, keep your credentials safe to use in your subsequent interactions with your kra itax portal. 

How to change/retrieve your kra itax email address – Using your itax portal

In case you still have access to your itax portal email address but still, need to shift to a different preferred email address, you can conveniently do it from your itax portal. Below is a simple guide on how to change your itax email address via your kra itax portal.

Step one

Sign in to your KRA itax portal. Remember you should enter your kra pin as your username and enter your set password.

Step 2

Verify your email. Open your email address and copy the confirmation code sent there. Paste this code into the pop-up text space and click confirm.

Step 3

Go to the ammend pin details section. The registration amendment form shall open. Take note that some of the fields shall be auto-filled with your previously provided details.

Step 4

Navigate to ‘edit basic information’ and then continue to the ‘principal contact information option. Here you can enter the new email address that you want to shift to.

Now scroll to the bottom of the form and click on; submit’ There shall be a prompt to notify you that you have entered a new email address, click ‘ok’ to continue. After this, there shall be a notification to show that your amendment was successful.

Step 5

After submission, a KRA representative shall update your details then you shall be notified through an email. Here you shall be able to download your pin certificate with an updated email address. You have successfully updated your KRA itax email address.

How to change/retrieve your kra itax email address using KRA social media

This is actually the best method to get your email address updated in case you do not have access to your itax portal. Reach KRA through their social media Twitter handle or DM them in their Facebook page. They reply almost immediately and assist you to change your email address.


Contact IssueEmail addressPhone number
Revenue Administration Reform and Modernization Programme[email protected]
KRA operations and procedures[email protected].
KRA call center telephone
+254 (020) 4999 999
+254 (0711) 099 999
+254 (020) 4998 000
KRA head office254- 20-2 810 000

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