How to check your TSC registration status

For one to be legally teaching in Kenya, the TSC (Teachers Service Commission requires one to have a registration certificate for one to qualify. All eligible teachers must have registered on the TSC portal to attain membership in the commission. To make the TSC registrations easier, the commission introduced an online platform that offers TSC registration services among others. This platform was introduced to replace the initial cumbersome paperwork one had to face to enjoy TSC services e.g. how to check your TSC registration. This platform helps all teachers check their current status in the TSC registry.

Therefore, you should be registered on the TSC portal before checking your registration status on the system. Hereby, you’ll be required to fill in the appropriate info recommended by the Teachers Service Commission; scan, and eventually attach the requisite original documents alongside.

Here is a list of the documents required during the registration:

  • Your KRA pin copy
  • A National ID copy
  • Copies of your academic and professional certificates
  • The GP69
  • The certificate of character
  • Registration fees payment confirmation slip
  • A passport-size photo
  • Non-citizens will be required to submit a copy of their entry permit and one for their work permits as well

All expatriate teachers will be required to attach their clearance mail given by the ministry of education. TSC has provided a very helpful registration manual-book to ease the process thus saving time. Any fraudulent applicants will face a penalty of twelve months in prison or a Ksh.100,000 fine.

How to check your TSC registration status

As soon as you are done with the registration, the Teachers Service Commission reviews the application and gives you feedback within 30 days. If the registration process is successful, the applicant will receive the certificate of registration from TSC. This certificate enables one to check and confirm their registration status on the portal and even confirm their TSC number online.

Note that the Teachers Service Commission publishes the list of every registered teacher. However, sometimes the TSC might deny your application request due to a number of reasons. They will most probably respond within the first 30 days of your application to inform you about what led to the decline.

Below are a number of factors that might lead to the rejection of your application:

  1. If the applicant lacks the requisite professional as well as academic qualifications
  2. If the applicant might have been convicted for a crime that will make them unqualified
  3. Having a questionable moral character due to a crime or offense against a scholar
  4. If the applicant is physically or mentally ill thus the inability to perform the assigned tasks as a primary teacher.

How to check your TSC registration status- step by step

  1. One can check their TSC registration status online today by opening the Teachers Service Commission online service portal. (using the link )
  2. Click the ‘Registration status’ button
  3. On the space provided, enter your ID number or passport number and proceed by clicking ‘go’. You’ll receive the registration status confirmation

Teachers Service Commission online payslip registration

As soon as you become a member of the TSC, you can then apply for the online payslip. To complete this registration process, you’ll require the following particulars:

  • Your National ID number
  • Your KRA pin
  • Your Teachers Service commission number
  • Your designation code
  • Your email and phone number
  • Pay-station code
  • Bank account no.
  • Password

Immediately your account is active, you can now hop in and access your TSC online pay-slip (using your TSC no. and password)

Factors that can lead to deregistration

The Teachers service commission states the reasons that can make the commission deregister a teacher from the system. Below are the factors:

  1. Fraudulent registration
  2. Death
  3. If one gets convicted of a crime or offence against a student
  4. If one suffers a mental or physical illness that makes them incapable to perform their duties and tasks as a teacher

Just like registration, the Teachers Service Commission usually publishes the list of deregistered teachers annually on the Kenya Gazette. Therefore, all TSC teachers should keep up with the updates and changes made by the commission to avoid missing out on important details and information. Reading the steps and guidelines above, I believe you now understand how to check your TSC registration status.

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