How to choose the best screws for fence pickets

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In modern fencing projects, screws have overtaken nails as the most appropriate substitute. Screws can be used to achieve a good looking but strong binding on your fence. They vary depending upon the purpose and material to use.

This guide can save your time from doing research from scratch, and buying to return. Different materials require different screws. Best screws for fence pickets can be classified based on their ability to resist rust corrosion and how to meet the job requirements. Making work easy is even better.Electrical bits make screwing easier.

A good workman should prepare first before getting to work .A guide is part of the preparation .Predrilling is necessary in some of the screws hence , putting in place the right tools for a project .

Qualihome screws.


Qualihome screws are made to last . ribs are strong and made in a way that there are no prescrewing activities such as drywall drilling .The package is 100 screws per pack.

Ribs ensure stability while the sharp tip ensures that it penetrates the fencing material you are using. You don’t need a drill, the screws can easily penetrate thick and thin posts and pickets, to hasten wire fences and other material such as wood and metal.

Outdoor activities.

One of the advantages of using quail home is that , they are good to use in all outdoor construction and maintenance activities of fence pickets.
Qualihome screws save you the cost of coating since the material is resistant to rust.


The size and design of the threads are built to go deeper onto the different fencing materials. The available dimensions are 3/8 ” 1/2″ and 5/8* for stronger binding.

The package comes with plastic anchors to guarantee the strength of your fence pickets. Having a drill is not necessary with these screws but is a faster option.


Comes with 50 anchors.
Deep thread design.
Easy to remove.


A 50 pieces screw pack is very small especially on heavy commercial projects.

Philips bolt dropper wood screws.


These are long and flat-headed wood screws made by Philips. When doing a wooden rail fence this is the better option. They are made of stainless steel hence rust is no big deal when you are making a picket fence.
One screw weighs 10.4 ounces while its length varies from 1.1, 2.3, and 4.7 inches.

Stainless steel guarantees stability for outdoor purposes to shield your fence against weather extremities mainly because they are rust-resistant.
The package comes in 100 pieces packs.


The threads are made in alternating spiral threads for perfect grip and strength. Such screws can be easily used in wood fence joinery, the different sizes are to ensure no wastages by wood splits caused by thick screws.

These screws are universally compatible with most bits in the market, with them being the Philips electronic bit.

Having being made of electronically hardened stainless steel, the screws can handle projects of all material including metal plastic and concrete.


Variable sizes.
Stainless steel guarantees all weatherproof.
No coat required.


can penetrate to the back of wood due to longer nail.

Philips TK Excellent.


These are universal screws that can be used on a range of materials, including all sizes and grades of wood.
The different materials include wood, steel, and even concrete. The reason why they are considered among the best screws for fence pickets is the large range of sizes that are available.


They come in 9 different sizes depending on the size of your wood. If you are looking forward to doing a huge commercial project, here we go.
The sizes are 1/2 and 3/4 inches in different codes depending on the threads and the requirements. Some are half thread while the others are spiral.

The package caries more than 1000 pieces of screws thus a solution for ergonomic picket fencing. The package is equally packaged on a plastic tin that can be recycled or reused for various storage purposes.

Such screws are sharp-pointed thus do not need predrilling. Having an electronic bit makes the work even easier.


Variable sizes.
Available in half or full thread.
Ergonomic pack of 1000 pieces.
Reusable packaging tin.


Despite being sharp pointed pre drilling is required to prevent breakages .

Blue Korte pocket screws.


Blue Korte’s best screws for picket fences are the universal purpose and made of case hardened steel to spare you the bending.

The top is made of a square ridge to guarantee maximum during biting .

These screws can be used on wood steel concrete and other material used in picket fencing. Such is because the screws are made with hardened stainless steel.


A tapping spiral wind on the screw ensures it drives itself with much ease. A maxiloc head ensures that the bit or screwdriver does not get off during the process. The blue Korte maximum finish makes it anti-rust and immune from any form of corrosion.
With this, you have a reason to trust them since the harder the screw the better their performance.
They can be used to fix tough joints like hinges and wood strips when building a rail fence. Kreg 1_1\4 pan head is good with 3/4 thick inches wood and is highly recommendable for outdoor projects.

Predrilling is not required with these screws, since they have a self-tapping thread. Also available are washer heads to prevent over drilling.

Pros ‘

Hardened stainless steel.
Anti-corrosion finish.
Pan headed with large maxi-loc for better grip.


It is half threaded .

Casson Phillips drive wood screws.


A package of Cason Philips screws is made up of 570 screws, divided into 286 flat-headed and 286 round-headed. They are made of high quality assorted stainless steel. What does this mean?

This model of best screws for fence pickets, is ressistant to rust and corrosion while its strength capacity is viable .The screws can be used for outdoor fencing and is proof of weather extermities .The assorted screws are good for wood plastic and even metal.

Predrilling is not required on this model, a tapping system, enable them to bore their holes while drilling.

Quantity and size

The 570 screw pack is divided into nine partitions carrying screws of, M3/M4/M5/M6, 12mm 20mm 25mm 40mm and 50mm.

Dimension variation allows you to have a kit to ensure that you can take care of all wood sizes, during picket fencing. It comes with a sturdy convenient case holding the screws, but can be reused as a hardware storage container.

The screw threads are made of a clean, sharp and smooth cut its fabricating company has adopted a unique technology known as CNC Cutting technology.


Clean cut threads using CNC technology.
9 unique sizes and two types.
Hardened steel.

Cons ‘

Certain screw sizes might be bigger than the requirements.

Philips flat twin fast wood screw.


Hard to find fasteners are unique. The flat-topped and usually shorter but thicker. They are made of stainless steel and are approximately 0.6 ounces.

Perhaps the reason why they are called hard to find is that they can be driven to camouflage on wood. It happens because of the flat top.

They can be ideal for outdoor wood joinery, especially for fence pickets. A black phosphate finish ensures that the screws are free from rust and corrosion. These screws are available in variable sizes, i.e
Like any other screws, a tapped end saves the pre-drilling hustle while clean-cut winding threads make them move smoothly while joining or removing wood.

They are packaged into 100 pieces box, while they work well on a zip tie saddle fastener.

Since they are to be used on wood alone, you can choose to add them to your shopping list since you need them when putting gate hinges and locks. They can also fix wood of certain dimensions depending on the diameters of the screws.


Made of hard stainless steel.
Clean and smooth threads
Black phosphate finish.


Only suitable for wood.

Headlok heavy duty flathead fastener.


These are self-driving screws, that come in ergonomic packs. These screws are made to tolerate hard outdoor conditions. They are recommended for heavyweight construction activities. Their hard nature makes them universal to used different hardwoods if you are doing a picket fence. Away from wood they can be used to hasten other construction materials such as dry concrete plastic and metal.
When using the screws, make sure that you do predrill especially when using hardwoods for fencing


The screws are available in 100 , 350 and 1750 packs .Their dimensions are , #8 1-5/8 #102 #102-1/2 #103 #103-1/2 #124.

They are suitable for decking fencing and other outdoor activities. A high corrosion resistance technology has been put in place to ensure that the screws tolerate extremely tough conditions. Eagle drive screws have a tough TORX star drive for grip reasons.
A burnished silver finish increases the aesthetic value of the screw, especially in outdoor joinery. It is used for building fences from pressure-treated wood, redwood cedar, and all other softwoods

A clean half thread ensures there is much little energy required to drive it inside of wood.


Ergonomic packs of 100,350, and 1750.
Universally applicable to all material.
Stardrive for easy drilling reasons.


A predrill is required .

Twin fast wood screw.


This picket. fence screws are half thread cut than facilitates better binding .They come in multiple types based on size , finnish material .The half thread ensures that only part of the screw is drilling.

The sharp pointed tips easen the drilling process while , they save you the predrilling hustle .
Black phosphate finnish is anticorrosive and also prevents the stainless steel from rust .The flat top makes it easily screwed to flatten , and camouflaged with the wood.


They are classified into distinct sizes i.e , 1/2 *1/4 * and 1 .The diameter of all available screws is 8.The package also comes in 100 screws that come in the size you prefer for your project .
Weather is not a big deal when it comes to twin fast wood screws as they are ressistant to weather extremities.

When binding fence pickets , this screws work quite well especially on thin softwoods and even hard woods .
For worksmen and contractors on heavy wheight projects it is important to note that the flat head is compatible with most bits in the market .


Flat headed to easily mount on the bit .
Weather resistant .
Half threaded .


A lighter material hence applicable on wood .

Eagle 1 Metal roofing screws.


Eagle 1 metal roofing screws are made out of hsrdened zinc metal.The screws are meant to carry heavy wheight joinery work of dry concrete , plastic , metal and wooden poles during picket fencing.

It is meant for metal wood trapping and other works of such caliber .Each screw is accompanied by a washer to prevent overdrilling .Since they are made sharp to the end , they are self raising hence one does not need predrilling if possible.


The screws are packaged into 500 pieces in every pack .A coarse thread ,painted heads guarantee a good looking picket fence .Fastening them require a special bit to get them drilled onto hard woods .

.The external paint coat is normally in order to ensure the screws are immune from rust and corrosion .The screws are made of different colours to fit on any project irrespective of the colour .An EPDM washer is a plus to ensure no water penetration , making it weather friendly .
You can choose the size of screws you need , according to the sizes of the wood you need.


Come with washers .
Tapped for easy drilling .
A coarse thread for smooth screwing .


They are too large in size .

Side case interior wood screw kit.


This comercial package comes with 805 screws of 8 porpular sizes .The head is made in a way to accomodate collars that prevent countersinking , and prevent water from getting to the joint .Counter sinking flattens the head to the wood level.

.Biting can make the work even esier . They are flat-headed and golden in color, for a good look and acting as a shield against rust and corrosion. They are made of hardened carbon steel which is a guarantee of strength.

Mechanization .

Low energy threads move through wood faster than any other screws with other thread systems. In order to achieve fast drilling, slash shanks push back the debris from the grilling surface. The container can be used for other storage activities when the screws are used up. These screws work well with Philips, positive, and Robertson square drives.

when you buy the whole package you get a Stick tight that guarantees anti wobble
one hand use for easy work and even multi tasking .


Antistick for esier work
Compatible with all drive bits .
Made with hardened carbon for guaranteed strength.

Cons ‘

So many screw sizes thus others might end up useless for the imediate project .

Buying consideration.

Some of the important facts to note before making a decisive purchase are ;


The length of the screw is very important.The variation comes from the size and strength of timber that you need , so here the best screws for fence pickets may turn out to be the least popular but long and strong enough to serve this purposes .The difference might arise where there are longer screws but do not have some ‘basic’ requirements such as a stronger material when dealing with hard woods .

Wood type.

There is a variation that arises from the type of wood put in place. Sometimes a stronger material is put in place to ensure that the screw penetrates the hardwood with much ease. For softwoods, any screw can be applicable. When using metal and other material to mount the pickets on them you better find a screw with the strength required to penetrate such strong material.
The screw-top.
For smart workmen, an electric bit can make the work as easy as possible. What matters is if the screw top is compatible with the bits, the most common one being the Philips electronic bit. Also, other mechanical screwdrivers are made to handle specific screw tops.
The weather .

Screws that are required in fixing fence pickets , should be made from a rust resistant metal or maybe have a finish that can prevent that .Since a fence is an outdoor structure , one should ensure that the screws are compatible with with all weather extremities , including the strength to hold on in the place of a heavy storms or even glacial activities .

Best screws for fence pickets Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have any tools already

A: It is such an embarrasement to spend a lot of money purchasing screws, just to teach home and find out that you do not have the right tools to use them. You therefore have to ask yourself such questions as this before you embark on a fence picket screw purchase. Before you buy the fence screw pickets,think of the tools you have and consider their appropriateness for the job. The importance des not just end at the point of installation. You might need to remove them for certain reasons. Tools such as drills and different kinds of drill bits are therefore an important consideeration whenever you are doing the purchase.Note that not all fence screws may come out the same way they went in.

Q: What kind of material is your deck or fence made of?

Not all kind of screws is fit for any material. Some are very difficult to work with on specific materials such as certain kinds of wood. There are those that can easily go through hardwood blocks while there are those that work out excellently for softwoods or other kinds of materials. You ought to ask yourself this kind of question before you set on buying any kind of fence screw pickets. The question is better answered when you have a screw-type that goes hand in hand with the kind of material you have.

Q: What about your budget?

A: Now here is one of the greatest things that you must not forget when you are thinking of buying the best screws for fence pickets. The budget. You might lack your best just because of not allocating your budget appropriately. The reason why the budget is your greatest consideration is that there is a very wide range of similar products to choose from and their prices vary a lot.

Final word.

If your wood is thicker and hard, my recommendation could be the Eagle 1 best screws for fence pickets. This is because they are thick, made out of hardened steel, and have a sharp pointed end to guarantee easy counter drilling. When your pickets are thin small and from softwood, the kind of hardware screws you need is, Hard to find Fasteners since they are small and can hold small wood pieces without cracking or breaking them.
Finally, if your scope is based on a large scale or heavy commercial purposes, Site Case interior wood screws, that come in multiple packages can be a great deal. The largest package comes in 805 screws. The eagle claw screws can also serve this purpose, but I generally recommend site case interior wood screws, due to their ability to work on any type of wood, resistance to corrosion, and compatibility with all-weather extremities.

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