How To Create/Activate A Spectrum Account Online

Time needed: 5 minutes

If you are a new spectrum user or signing up for the first time to your spectrum online and my spectrum app account, you shall have to create a new spectrum account first.
Below is a detailed simple guide on how you shall create your new spectrum online and my spectrum app account to enable you to sign in and access spectrum account services online and on my spectrum app.
To create your spectrum account, you shall start by creating your spectrum username and password.
Before creating your spectrum username, take note that your first username shall be the primary username for your primary spectrum account. You can then create 4 more usernames for your spectrum account. Remember that you can only create 5 usernames per every spectrum account.

  1. Visit the homepage

    Click here to access the spectrum website homepage

  2. Click on ‘create username’

    Click on the ‘Create Username’ option.

  3. Choose your contact info.

    Enter your primary phone number and email address that you have on your spectrum account.

  4. Confirm You’re Not A Robot

    Use the capture-recapture to confirm that you are not a robot and continue.

  5. Next, confirm your identity

    Do this by entering a code that you shall receive via a text message, in your email inbox, or through a call

  6. Confirm the entered details

    Now you shall be required to confirm your entered information is correct.

  7. Next, you shall be required to choose your preferred username.

    You can use the same username as your email username or enter a different username.

  8. Next, you shall be required to enter a password.

    Remember to create a strong password to protect your spectrum account’s security.

  9. The next step is choosing your security question.

    This shall help you to recover your account in case you forget your username and password.

  10. Remember that this shall be the first username

    Therefore your spectrum admin username that shall have privileges over the other 4 additional usernames.

How To Create/Activate A Spectrum Account Online

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