How to File KRA Returns using P9 Form

Employed and need to file your KRA returns using a P9 form? In this article, you will gradually learn and understand the process in no time. Alternatively, get your KRA returns filed at our online cyber for 200 shillings service fee.

Using your mobile phone or desktop, you’ll easily file your KRA returns on the KRA PORTAL to avoid the last-minute dash and rash that might eventually make you pay. Failure to file your tax returns in Kenya will drag you to a fee penalty of up to ksh.20,000.

Regardless of whether you are employed or not, as long as you’re 18 years and above; you should make sure your tax returns are filed before the deadline i.e 30th of June every year. For students and unemployed Kenyan citizens who are above the legal age, one should file their nill returns on time. For employed individuals, this article will help you know ‘how to file returns using the P9 form.

You don’t have to go to the cybers or the IT specialists anymore. Therefore, this article is not only going to help you save your money but also your precious time. A P9 form is given to the employees by the employer at the end of a working year. It comprises the annual payments that the employee received all throughout the year. i.e commissions, basic salary, allowances, and tax charges of that year; depending on the type of employment the individual is under.


To file your KRA returns using a P9 form, you’ll need the following requirements for a successful process:

  • Your KRA pin
  • Your iTax passcode
  • P9 form

How to file KRA returns using P9 form

Step 1: Open the KRA portal

Visit the KRA itax portal and log into your account.

Step 2: Log in to your iTax account

Using your log-ins i.e your KRA pin (username) and your iTax password, you’ll be able to access your iTax account.

Step 3: Access your iTax dashboard

On the iTax dashboard, an individual can perform a number of tasks related to tax returns filing. Hereby, I believe you are going straight to filing KRA returns using P9 form.

Step 4: Open the Returns tab

From the dropdown menu, click on the returns tab and select the ‘file returns’ tab.

Step 5: Choose Tax duty

Since you are filing for a Kenyan employee with a source of income, select the income tax-resident individual option and move to the next step.

Step 6: Download the Excel ITRI (Income Tax Resident Individual) form

Download this zipped excel file using the link given.

Step 7: Open the Zipped folder

Check if your Excel’s macros are enabled since it’s always off on default especially if your excel is outdated. However, if you’re using an updated or modern version of excel, you’ll open the file relatively easily. Piece of cake!

Step 8: Fill in the appropriate details

In the spaces provided, add the required details respectively i.e
your basic information and detail, PAYE tax deduction details, income detail, and personal relief as shown on your KRA P9 form. Make sure the details on your P9 form match your Excel sheet returns form.

Step 9: Validation

Once you’ve confirmed that your P9 and Excel sheet details match, hit the validate button to receive a ready file for upload.

Step 10: Upload the ITRI form

Upload the excel form and click the submit button to finish your process if you agree with the set terms.

Step 11: Download the acknowledgment receipt

Eventually, the KRA will generate an eReturn receipt that you will download and keep for reference.

Didn’t get the whole process? No need to struggle, visit our online cyber to get your KRA returns done for your @200 shillings service fee.

Ensure your tax returns are filed on time to avoid traffic and delay on the iTax KRA portal. Delays can lead to failure to file your tax returns which can mean a bulky penalty especially if your income level is below average. The above guidelines and steps will help you know how to file KRA returns using P9 form. Follow them carefully to beat the set annual deadline. Good luck!

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