How to file your KRA returns using your phone

Tired of going to Cybers and making queues at Huduma centers to file your KRA returns? File your KRA returns easily on your phone using the KRA Itax app. Paying taxes and filing returns has been simplified and made more convenient by the Kenya Revenue Authorities. This process has been made affordable and time-saving since the whole process can be done in a split second even in the absence of intermediaries and IT specialists.

Filing your KRA returns in Kenya is irremissible especially if you’ve acquired your KRA pin. This process helps the taxman point out all the taxpayers in the country. From employed and earning individuals to university and college students; there are steps and guidelines provided for each to file their tax returns successfully. Downloading the KRA Itax app and getting to know how to use it, or using The Kenyan Online Cyber will save you so much time.

It will also save you from facing the cumbersome penalty fees set in place by the taxman for the taxpayer that will do the contrary.


Before you hop in to file your results, ensure you have the following details for a successful process:

  • Itax mobile app (Playstore)
  • ITax passcode
  • KRA pin no.

Freely download the KRA ITax app from the google play store to create an Itax username (i.e. your KRA) and password. Make sure your KRA pin is on ITax for a possible login. If your KRA pin is not on ITax, follow this procedure to add it to ITax and create a password for easy and faultless login.

How do I file my KRA returns using my phone?

Time needed: 10 minutes

Follow the steps below to file kra tax returns using a phone.

  1. Step 1. Download the ITax android app on Google Playstore

    Make sure you are connected to a working network or wifi to download this app from the google play store to install it.

  2. Step 2. Install and Open the app

    Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, it’s ready. Open the app and carefully read the on-screen text and guidelines.

  3. Step 3. Enter your Login details.

    To log in to this app, use your KRA pin number as username and your ITax password in the spaces provided.

  4. Step 4. Click on the Tax return that should be filed.

    If you’re a student or unemployed individual filing your Nil return, Click on the file nil return button

  5. Step 5. Choose the income tax option (0101)

    Step 5. Click the income tax option (0101)

  6. Step 6. R.I.T return

    This step will display your KrA pin, Payer’s name, and the return period that you are filing for. Click the submit button to confirm the results for the selected period.

  7. Step 7. ITax return confirmation

    In this step, you will confirm your return submission. Click the OK button to verify your tax returns submission.

  8. Step 8. Return filed successfully

    You will receive an ITax notification after a successful file return process. This notification will also be sent to your verified ITax email address to acknowledge the process.


Filing KRA returns by phone shouldn’t be a bother anymore. Avoid all the eleventh-hour rush and be in a position to comfortably file your KRA returns using your mobile phone. Follow the steps given above carefully to easily File your Nil or P9 returns and avoid the KRA set deadline penalties. Alternatively, you can let us do the service by ordering online from the comfort of your seat.

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