How to fix DSTV channels not showing

Sometimes, there is a problem with the signal where the DSTV decoder cannot display any channel. This one is referred to as no signal error. However, sometimes, it is a few channels that do not display. Of course, it is a problem with the signal still but this is a bit different since only some of the channels do not display. There is a way of solving this and that’s what we are yet to see. Let’s find out how to fix DSTV channels not showing. But first, what causes that?


What causes some DSTV channels not to show? 

There is one problem that will always cause some channels not to show. The signal problem is the biggest problem. A most common problem that always brings about signal loss is either the misalignment of a satellite dish or a loose LNB cable to port connection. These are the first places you should check when you encounter the problem of some channels not showing. Another thing that we have to understand is that the different channels that we have on DStv play in different signal ranges.  

Sometimes the signal is not totally off but it is poor. This means that some of the channels that play on a low signal range may be playing while those that need a strong signal may not be playing. This makes your decoder show some channels while others for not showing. However, sometimes it is difficult to find out the underlying problem of low signal strength. This should not be a big problem when you have set up the DSTV extra view. What you will need to do in this case is check on the other decoders. If they are experiencing the same problem. They might not be experiencing the problem. That would mean the problem is on the decoder that shows fewer channels. Check it’s connected properly to ascertain that it is okay. 

How to fix DSTV channels not showing 

There are several things that you should do when it comes to rectifying this issue. However, you first have to ascertain that the signal is low before you can get on the process. Here is a simple step by step guide on how to check whether your signal is low;  

  • On your remote control, press the help button 
  • With on the help menu, navigate to the general. information section 
  • Select information central 
  • On this, you will be able to view the signal strength. If it is below 50% then there is a problem with the signal. 

After ascertaining that the signal is low, you now get to fix the issues that might be possibly causing the weak signal strength. There are more than two problems that are very likely to cause low signal strength.  We will talk about each of them and how to resolve them. 

How to fix DSTV channels not showing

Misalignment of the satellite dish 

When the satellite dish is misaligned, there is a possibility if having a low signal strength. The best thing to do is to make sure it’s aligned well.Re-align it to different positions while checking the signal strength. After re-aligning it well the problem will be solved . If it persists, it means that the problem is not on the satellite dish position and you might want to check on something else. The other thing you might want to check on the satellite dish is the F-connrctor and whether there is rust on any if the components. 

Misalignment or loose F-connector 

You might want to also check on the F-connector of your DSTV signal cable to see if there is a problem in the connection. They might be loosely connected and this is bound to be the problem. Tilt the connector at the base to confirm it is fully connected. If there is rust you should also do away with it to make sure the signal is back up. They are easy to check and you can fix any possible issues. 

Check the LNB  

The LNB should be tilted at angle similar to that if the satellite dish and it should not be facing downward. With the correct alignment, the signal problem might not be experienced anymore. However, if the LNB is faulty, you might want to go a step further to fix it or have it checked by a technician. 

Check the connection joints 

Here are several junctions on the signal cable connections as well as the decoder. You ouht to check on them too when the signal is low. Make sure the connection at the joints is firm enough. Make sure they are also aligned in the correct manner. 

Check if the satellite dish is obstructed 

Sometimes the signal strength is lowered by obstruction. If there are tall buildings and Rees all around, it is possible to have a low signal strength. The best ting to do so to make sure the satellite dish is facing away from the trees or building to reduce the obstruction. This way, the signal will be stronger if that was the problem. 

There are multiple things you can do to fix the problem if some channels not showing as we have seen above. However we should be keen to ensure we make the corrections the right way and ensure that we invite a technician when we do not understand something. Their expertise would help a great deal. However this is not such a huge problem unless it is so persistent. This article will really help you with how to fix DSTV channels not showing without having to strain. 

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