How To Fix DSTV No Signal Error

This is a step by step guide on how to fix DStv no signal error by resetting your DStv decoder. Other methods of resolving DStv no signal error are explained after this.
When the decoder settings are the problem, the easiest way to reset the decoder. the process is quite simple. The problem is not as complicated as it sounds. the major reason for resetting the decoder to factory settings might be because you have messed up with them in the course of using the decoder, which might lead to the error. here are simple steps you can use to get the reset done;

  1. Press DStv

    Press on the DSTV button on the remote control

  2. Go to settings

    Press the button with an arrow pointing to the right to go to settings, with the bottom arrow, scroll to the system settings

  3. Go to ‘next menu’

    with the right arrow, go to the next menu

  4. Go to decoder settings

    Select decoder settingsscroll down and select on the reset to defaultpress on OK

  5. Press on ‘reset to default’

    scroll down and select on the reset to default

  6. Finish

    Press on ‘ok’ to finish resetting your DStv decoder and improve your DStv signal strength.

Detailed Guide To Help You Solve Your DSTV No Signal Error

You might have probably experienced the no signal error on your DSTV if you are here. It is mostly caused by a faulty LNB, bad weather like rain or a loose connection, or poor alignment of the dish. Sometimes, this error might be out of using faulty DSTV accessories. we are here to fix your DSTV no signal error and increase your DSTV signal strength through the following easy step-by-step guide. In this article, we are majorly going to focus on the few things you can do when you encounter the no signal error in your DSTV. Whats the cause of the error?

Common Causes Of DSTV No Signal Error

  1. Bad weather elements usually rain
  2. Decoder resetting itself
  3. Faulty decoder accessories
  4. Misaligned dishes
  5. Faulty LNB settings
  6. Incorrect decider settings
  7. Incorrect connection of the F-plug

The majority of the errors are caused by bad weather elements. others are as a result of faulty decoder accessories. one other major cause is when the decoder resets itself. by resetting itself, it goes to its factory settings. this forces it to use the default LNB type settings which are sometimes inappropriate. as a result, the display on the screen will be the no signal error. other major causes include misaligned dishes, poor connections, faulty LNB settings, incorrect decoder settings, and incorrect connection of the F-plug. with that in mind, it’s easier to see how to fix any of the causes and do away with the DSTV no signal error.

How To Reset Your Decoder And Solve Signal Error

  • press on the DSTV button on the remote control
  • press the button with an arrow pointing to the right to go to settings
  • with the bottom arrow, scroll to the system settings
  • with the right arrow, go to the next menu
  • select decoder settings
  • scroll down and select on the reset to default
  • press on OK

with the above process you would have fixed the settings so easily nd you might have your signal back if the problem was not that serious. however, if the signal loss still persists, you might consider a technician to look into the problem or a trusted DSTV installer to check for further problems.

Other Ways Of Resolving The No Signal Error

Check Your DSTV Connection Cables

This one is a simple task to do on your own. there is not much knowledge required. neither do you require a technician. the first thing to do is to check on all the signals at the back of your decoder and make sure they are well connected. you might want to check them one by one. after that, check on any loose cables. you should then make sure all of your F-type cables are in place. if not, connect them properly. the reason why you should check on these is because dogs, cats, kids may have pulled out the cables leading to loose connections which will cause the decoder to loose its signal. if the problem is the cable, this should resolve the error.

To Solve DSTV No Signal Error By Rebooting The Decoder

This one can solve many of the errors including freezing pictures as well as the signal loss. you can do it on the decoder whenever there is a no signal error and you have carried out the cable check. Here is how to do it; To reboot your decoder, you can press the start button for more than ten seconds. this may however require some patience since it takes a while.

Check The DSTV Satellite Dish To Improve Your DSTV Signal Strength

In many parts of the coast, the satellite dish may rust easily and this may cause loss of the signal. trying to clear the rust may help a long way. on the other hand, the satellite dish might have some issues such as loose nuts, or it might be wrongly aligned. the best thing to do with this is to look for a signal detector, adjust the nuts where necessary while checking on the signal. you might be able to realign them by yourself or you might want to call in a technician to do it for you. make sure the dish is strong enough and it does not move from side to side.

How To Fix DSTV No Signal By Fixing The LNB

To fix the LNB, you need to know where your F-connectors are located. the F-connectors are the silver metallic nuts that connect the DSTV cables to the DSTV decoder. sometimes, they might rust or they might have some rust on them, which can make the signal to be lost. this is why you need to make sure that the LNB is well connected to the F-connectors. sometimes, the LNB might also be faulty and you need to get it fixed to restore the signal. the connectors should be well aligned and yo can simply tilt them up and down to align them.

If all the above have been done and there is still no signal on the decoder, it means that the problem is acute and it might need to be fixed by a person who has more knowledge about it. there might be need to call in a DSTV installer, a trusted one to try and do some more diagnostics to ensure that the decoder is well functioning again. However, you should have some money to pay them as they fix your decoder. make sure you call a trusted DSTV installer.

All the methods above are very helpful to have in making sure you know how to fix DSTV no signal error and boost the signal strength of your decoder. there are also other options like calling in a certified technician to look into your problem. The problem might sometimes not be so complicated and having such knowledge as this is very helpful to help you fix some issues by yourself. Who knows? you might save some money there and have your signal back at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions About DStv

Why is my DStv signal quality low?

There are a number of possible causes of a low quality DStv signal; poor weather, wrong settings and more as listed and explained in the guide above.

How can I improve my satellite signal quality?

To improve your satellite signal strength, use the guide above.

What should DStv signal strength be?

The good recommend DStv signal error is 75 and above.

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