Dog ticks is a common term ato all dog keepers. At one time, they might have encountered this strange parasites on their pet dogs and somehow, dealing with them might have been a big hurdle. They are very troublesome and really disturbing to the dog and the owner has to deal with them accordingly before they overpower the pet. However, sometimes, buying the chemicals that are known for this might be a little expensive and we might need to have some home based remedies for thisanor problem. So this is how to get rid of dog ticks- home remedies.

Younmay want to keep your pets as easy as they were before you start working in the ticks. Therefore if you plan to use a substance, it is important that you know it is not one that might harm the pet or even make them uncomfortable. That is why we ought to talk about the locally available remedies some of which are diy chemical projects as wella s purely natural ways. Let’s get started on the natural ways first.

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Natural ways of getting rid of dog ticks

Dog ticks are ectoparasites that lodge on the parasites and can be seen on the dog’s coat. Know how to check the coat of your pet maybe after a walk or any other given time. They might be seen if they exist. Do this regurlaly since they evolve and grow within the body of the dog. Now the other thing to do is always make sure they are dewormed. This kills those that are already existing and reduces the chances of attack.

It is important to deworm them since it works against both endoparasites and ectoparasites. This one takes some time but it also lasts for a good time. The dog might go undisturbed for even three months since it is protected against the parasites. Apart from deworming, you might want to pick the ticks off the dogs body. But it is recommended that this be done at early stages. It is painful and has more effects when they are big. Some might leave wound, some might have already induced pathogens into the body of the dog.

However, this process requires us to be keen on the pet to notice any changes since there are some signs which can tell us if the dog has a load of parasites on its body. Here are some signs to quickly check with

  • Redness
  • Swollen spots
  • Itching intensively
  • Inflammation.

Once you realize any of this signs, check for ticks and if possible get them off immediately. You may realize some of this parasites at this stage are quite minute and they might be a little tiresome to remove with hand or any other tool. You can however resolve to a diy mixture for chemically getting rid of them. This means you have  prepare one. For safety of both ye dog and whoever is using these home made chemicals, it is important to consult a vet to know whether what you’re doing is right.  Now, let’s go through a small process of using one of the home made chemicals. People commonly use chamomile since it is easy to prepare and use.

 Here is the process

  • Prepare a medium.imfusion of chamomile. Be keen on the temperature to make sure it is not too hot.
  • Move you hand gently on the pet to make sure it is not scared while you aim for the affected area.
  • Gently squeeze the area with one hand as you dip a piece of cotton in the infusion with the other
  • Gently apply the infison on the dogs skin.
  • Being a natural repellant, the ticka are bound to flee the dogs skin.

There are so many other natural chemicals for getting rid of dog ticks but our emphasis is on how how to use them and not how many we have. Find any and use it appropriately to get rid of ticks from your dog

Apart from chamomile, there is another simple way of preparing a fly natural repellant using any citrus fruits. There are many other friuts with citric content but we have lemon as the best. Now, here is a very simple process of preparing lemon repellant:

  • Heat two cups of water to boiling point
  • Add three lemons, sliced into large pieces
  • Reduce the temperature and them heat for some an hour.
  • Remove the heat and let them cool
  • Remove the pieces from the water and add the mixture to a spray bottle.

The above mixture makes a perfectly natural repellant for dog ticks. Ticks hate citrus and I he moment you have your dog sprayed with citrus, they will flee.

 All the above are some simple ways of how to get rid of dog ticks- home remedies and they are simple to follow and use. We can try them since they cost nothing and they are still very effective and workable.

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