After using steel wool, leaving it in the open air makes it rust. Still, one round of use of steel wool doesn’t deplete its ability to clean up your stuff in the kitchen. This is the reason we prepared this simple guide on how to keep steel wool from rusting.  

How to keep steel wool from rusting 

Follow the below steps to keep your steel wool free of rust till the next use. 

  • Step 1: Check among your free containers in the kitchen and pick one that has a tight lid. 
  • Step 2: Clean up the container and do away with the label. 
  • Step 3: Now fill the container with baking soda. One tbs shall be enough. Fill the container with water and shake well till the baking soda dissolves. 
  • Step 4: Place your steel wool in the solution and ensure it is fully immersed. Cover the container with its lid and place it in a safe place away from the reach of children. Label the container correctly. 
  • Step 5: Ensure you replace the solution at least once every two weeks. You are now free to use your steel wool as long as it can last. This is how to keep steel wool from rusting. 

How to keep steel wool from rusting – Freezing 

Freezing is another method you can use to keep your steel wool from rusting if you have a freezer. All you need to do is find a zip-lock polythene paper and put your used steel wool inside. Lock the paper and place it in your freezer, there shall be no rust for your steel wool. 

Another way is using it little by little. Whenever you buy your steel wool and you are not in a position to do the above, just subdivide the steel wool into numerous pieces. Use and dispose of a piece each day and you shall not have to struggle with rust on your steel wool anymore. 

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