How to Obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct on eCitizen

Having a certificate of good conduct is a very essential requirement especially when one is seeking a job or employment in a company or organization. Provided by the Criminal Investigation Department, this document validates one’s record to ensure it is unstained.

Taking you through this text, I’m going to help you master and understand how to obtain a certificate of good conduct on eCitizen. Also known as the Police Clearance Certificate, this document might also be required during a PSV (Public service vehicle) badge application or if one is contending for a government post. Therefore, as an affirmation for a clean criminal record, one has to possess this document and replace it if lost.

Requirements for obtaining a certificate of good conduct on eCitizen

  • For one to eligibly apply for a certificate of good conduct, you have to meet all the requirements below
  • One must be above the legal age ( 18+ years}
  • You should have your original National Identification Card and a photocopy or two as well
  •  For individuals below the age of 18 years, one should provide one or two copies of their birth certificates.
  • Payment fee of Kshs.1,050
  •  Download two invoice/receipt copies from the eCitizen portal
  • Any foreign individuals applying for the Police Clearance Certificate will have to craft an explanation letter to state their reason for application. They should also provide both the original and copies of their original identification docs as well as a Kshs.1,000

How To Obtain A Certificate Of Good Conduct On eCitizen portal

Rather than going to the DCI’s offices for the application form, you can apply for the certificate online by filling the form then downloading it from the eCitizen portal. The following are the steps one should follow during application to obtain a certificate of good conduct on eCitizen:

  •     Login or Sign up

Do you have an eCitizen account? If not, hit the sign up button to create one. Use your login details to access your eCitizen account

  •     Click on the ‘make application’ tab on the adjoining tab.
  •     Choose the type of application you want to do i.e. either a child or an adult application and proceed to the ‘Apply Now’ tab
  •     In this step, you will be required to fill in the details on when your fingerprints are going to be taken and the respective date for this action. Your C24 and 2-3 invoice copies should be attached to an A4 paper on both sides and presented later to the HQ’s of the DCI that you chose earlier. This will come in later after downloading and printing the form.
  •   After carefully filling the details in, click the submit button.
  •     Upon successful submission, you’ll have to choose the mode of payment you prefer and make the payment of Kshs.1,050 to obtain the certificate of good conduct on eCitizen.
  •     Once you’re done with payment, download and print 2-3 copies of the fingerprint documents as well as invoices. These documents will be needed at the DCI’s headquarters for the fingerprint taking process.

A final word

The Certificate of good conduct stays valid for a year after the date of printing. Therefore, you’ll have to renew your Police clearance certificate annually to maintain its validity. I believe you eventually understand how to obtain a certificate of good conduct on eCitizen easily without having to take the loner and harder path. Feel free to always come back to this text whenever you need reference or the right guidelines for the process.

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