How to pay DSTV Via MPesa- DSTV Kenya Paybill number

How to pay DSTV Via MPesa- DSTV Kenya Paybill number

If you are a DSTV subscriber, you can easily pay for your DSTV subscription via Mpesa. All you need is the DSTV Mpesa Paybill number: 444900 and an active Mpesa account. In this guide, we shall show you how to pay for DSTV via M-Pesa -DSTV Mpesa Paybill number.  

DSTV costs more than  Zuku and GOtv and startimes. However, it is better in the picture quality and offers more channels. After subscribing to DSTV, you shall get digital content in all your favorite fields including sports, family, reality shows, and most popular tv series. DSTV is the only pay tv that has broadcast channels for EPL, therefore, if you are a football fan, this is the best pay tv to go for.  

This is a simple guide on How to pay DSTV Using MPesa

Enjoying DSTV starts with choosing the right DSTV packages. In order to pay for your DSTV package via MPesa using Paybill, follow the below process.  

DSTV MPesa Paybill number – How to pay for DSTV Via MPesa

Time needed: 4 minutes.

How to pay DSTV Using M-Pesa – DSTV MPesa Paybill number 

  1. Navigate to your Safaricom’s MPesa menu 

    Go to your Safaricom MPesa app, Sim toolkit, or dial the *334# USSD to access your Mpesa Menu then explore the options

  2. Go to lipa na Mpesa then select the Paybill option 

    Scroll to the Lipa na Mpesa option and choose Pay bill

  3. DSTV Paybill number

    Upon clicking the pay bill option, you’ll be prompted to enter the DSTV MPesa Paybill number 444900

  4. Account Number

    You’ll be prompted to fill the account number immediately you’ve entered the business number. Hereby, you’ll use your DSTV Smartcard number as the A/C no.

  5. Payment Amount for DSTV Package

    Enter the amount or package fee you wish to pay at the moment and click submit for the next step

  6. Enter Pin to submit payment

    The final step during this payment is entering your MPesa pin to authorize the payment. Safaricom will send a prompt message requesting you to confirm the payment details and ensure they are accurate.

  7. Payment Confirmation SMS

    Upon making your DSTV package payment, you’ll receive a confirmation message to confirm the payment and DSTV subscription renewal on your phone. These are the few easy steps of paying DSTV using MPesa paybill number.

How to Use DSTV on Mobile

If you have a 3G or 4G enabled smartphone, you can pay for your DSTV package and watch your favourite channels right on your mobile device. You shall get the opportunity to watch all your favourite tv channels including Africa Magic, Channel O, KTN, NTV, Supersport blitz.  

DSTV Kenya Paybill number

In order to start enjoying DSTV in your smartphone device, just download the DSTV Now mobile application from play store. Next, you shall need to set up your DSTV subscription and get watching. This was the short guide on how to pay DSTV using M-pesa with DSTV Mpesa paybill.

How to Pay for DSTV Via Mobile Banking Apps

Pay DSTV via KCB App

  1. Open your KCB app on your phone
  2. Go to the ‘Transaction’ option
  3. Click ‘Pay Bill’ then go ‘Other Billers’
  4. Upon opening the other Billers, choose DSTV
  5. Fill the ‘Customer Number’ in the ‘Account Number’ space
  6. Fill in the amount you wish to pay and ‘SUBMIT’

Pay DSTV using Barclays Bank App

  1. Open the Barclays Kenya App and click ‘Login’
  2. Go to the ‘Transfers’
  3. Choose the ‘Paybill’ option
  4. Select ‘Existing Payee’ if you’d already set and saved the biller then fill the amount you wish to pay. If the biller is not set yet, select ‘New Payee’
  5. Select the biller type then enter the reference/Account number.
  6. Choose the account you’d like to make your payment from.
  7. Fill the desired payable amount then Submit
  8. You’ll receive a One-time-password (OTP) on your phone which you’ll use to confirm the amount paid.
  9. The payment transaction should appear on your ‘Accounts’ Balance if the transaction goes through.

Pay DSTV using Equity Bank Eazzy App

  1. Open your Eazzy app and click on the Plus (+) button and the bottom of the page
  2. Click Eazzy Pay on the Menu that pops up on your screen
  3. Choose ‘Paybill’ then fill 6800009 on the space provided
  4. Fill in your DSTV Billing number
  5. Enter the amount you’re willing to pay
  6. Select the ‘PAY’ option
  7. Upon completing the transaction successfully, you should receive an SMS to confirm your payment.
How to pay for DSTV using MPesa

Pay for DSTV Online in Kenya

Above all DSTV Kenya payment methods, paying for your DSTV subscription online is the most universal approaches most DSTV users have gone for. This payment method is used by a vast number across our continent. All you need to have is your DSTV Smartcard. Let’s delve into the payment approach!

  1. Fill in your DSTV Smartcard number.
  2. Select the appropriate Invoice number (1 month-recommended).
  3. Enter the amount you wish to pay in Ksh.
  4. Fill in the Subscriber’s name.
  5. Fill in the subscriber’s email address.
  6. Enter the registered phone no.
  7. Complete the payment by selecting whether you’re paying for your current package or making an upgrade.

DSTV Kenya Customer care contacts

DSTV customer-care phone numbers

You can contact dstv kenya through their below mobile phone numbers:

  • 020 4236 000
  • 0711 066 000

Contact DSTV Kenya Via website

You can easily reach DSTV customer care through their website. Click here to go to the official multichoice website.

Contact DSTV Via Twitter

This, according to our experience is the best way to contact DSTV customer care. They are very responsive on Twitter. Reach DSTV Kenya customer care on Twitter through the handle which is @DStv_Kenya

DSTV customer care Facebook contacts

Dstv Kenya can be contacted through facebook. To cantact them, click here.

DSTV Customer Care support & Postal Address

Multichoice House, P.O. Box 60406 Karuna Road, Nairobi, Kenya

Making DSTV payment using Mpesa Paybill.

DSTV Installers and Dealers in Kenya

In case you need a dealer to do your DSTV installation or technical fixing, we compiled a list of dealers available in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kelvin MuliroJogoo road, Nairobi, Nairobi county.[email protected]0724218809
Barack Okoth 24 Westland road, Nairobi[email protected]0715273453
Dickson MutisoUtawala Crecent, Nairobi[email protected]0726840888
Denis OderwaNgong Road, Nairobi[email protected]0720042292
DSTV Installers and Dealers in Kenya

We believe you’ve comprehended the simple DSTV subscription and payment renewal process. The text above was meant to help you master how to pay for your DSTV package using MPesa paybill. Therefore, follow the simple instructions and use the information provide to make your payments accurately.

Check out more DSTV Kenya guidelines and details

How to pay DSTV Via MPesa- FAQ’s

How do I pay DSTV via Mpesa?

To pay for your DSTV subscription using Mpesa Paybill, all you need is a working Safaricom Mpesa account and the few necessary requisites. Here’s the simple procedure:
1. Open your MPesa menu
2. Go to the ‘Paybill’ option
3. Upon clicking the pay bill option, you’ll be prompted to enter the DSTV MPesa Paybill number 444900.
4. Upon entering the business number (paybill), fill in your DSTV Smartcard number as the ‘Account Number’.
5. Fill in your Mpesa pin number to complete the transaction
6. Upon a successful payment, you’ll receive a Safaricom SMS to confirm the Transaction.

How do I find my Reference Number?

To find your DSTV reference number when making your payment, you just need the subscriber’s DSTV Customer-number. Add the number ‘11374’ as a prefix to your customer number to get the payment preference. For instance, if 22222234 is your DSTV customer number, you’ll add the prefix to it to get your Payment reference which is 1137422222234.

What is the USSD code for DSTV in Kenya?

Paying for your DSTV package using the sort USSD code is quite simple and rewarding at the same time. The official DSTV USSD code for MultiChoice is *759#. Paying for your DSTV packages using the USSD code can grant you a 2-month free Premium package on DSTV. Users can also use this code to check their subscription due date, clear errors, check subscription prices and even update their personal account details.

How do I renew my DSTV subscription in Kenya?

To renew your expired DSTV package, you just need to know the Kenya DSTV paybill number. The DSTV Kenya Paybill number is 444600. Open your Mpesa Menu and go to the Paybill option. Fill in the above number as your business number, then enter the account number, amount payable, and complete the transaction by submitting your Mpesa Pin at the end of the payment.

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