There has been proven a good effect from guava leaves on those trying to cut their weight. Guava leaves do not cut your weight alone, but when included in the effort, then they help a great part. One great way to get the benefits of guava leaves is by preparing guava leaves tea. Today we prepared a guide on how to prepare guava leaves tea. 

How to prepare guava leave tea 

Step 1: Wash your guava leaves 

First, you shall need to clean your guava leaves. This shall help you remove the white coating that guava leaves come with, plus any other dirt if any. Hold the leaves below running tap water, or fill a bowl with water and wash them. You can get guava leaves from your home garden or your local store. 

Step 2: Boil water in a bowl 

Get 350 ml of water in a bowl or cooking pot and bring it to a boil.  

Step 3: Add your guava leaves 

When the water starts boiling, it is now time to add your guava leaves to the water. Cover your pot with a lid and let the leaves boil for up to 10 minutes.  

Step 4: Remove your tea and strain 

After good boiling, remove the tea from heat and use a kitchen tea sieve to sieve out the tea and remove the leaves. If you decide, you can flavor your tea with sugar, honey, or any other flavor that you prefer. Depending on the number of people, you can increase the portions of ingredients. 

How to prepare guava leaves tea using dried leaves 

In case you cannot get guava leaves, getting dried guava leaves powder might be easier. If you want to prepare guava tea from guava leaves powder, below is the process. 

Step 1: Boil 350 ml of water 

In a cooking pot, put 350 ml of water and bring it to a boil. 

Step 2: Put guava powder on a strainer 

Get your kitchen tea sieve or any other filter and add a tsp of guava powder to it. Put your strainer on a cup or any other container.  

Step 3: Add hot water 

Now, get your earlier prepared hot water and pour over the guava powder in the sieve. After this, cover the cup and let it sit for up to 10 minutes before you take it. If you prefer, you can add a flavor or sweetener to your guava tea and enjoy it. 

How to prepare guava leaves tea – Other benefits 

Other than weight loss, guava leaves have been found to help with a number of health issues. Guava leaves help in conditions like diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and more. However, more research on its effectiveness in the above conditions is being researched. Guava leaves are very good for getting your body to metabolize sugar and digest it and also help in a number of digestion issues. This was a simple guide on how to prepare guava tea, let us answer your questions below if you got any. 

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