How to print Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP)

An Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP) is a temporary service that is offered to Qatar residents unable to return to their countries due to restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19. This service allows individual and company employers In both the private and public sectors to apply for an entry point for residents and their family members to hold QIDs enabling them to return to Qatar. This article is a guide to printing an Exceptional Entry Permit in Qatar.

Where can residents currently in Qatar get the Exceptional Entry Point from?

Residents currently in the state of Qatar who wish to travel and return will receive an Exceptional Entry Permit automatically upon departure.

Follow the following steps to print an EEP

EEP Qatar
  1. Go to the Ministry of Interior’s website here.
  2. Click on inquiries
  3. Select Entry and Exit Permits
  4. Proceed to click on print Exceptional Return Permit
  5. Finally, fill in your QID number and residency expiry date then submit the form. The permit is now ready for printing.

Dial 109 for more information.

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