How To Lift PayPal Account Balance Hold – Step by step guide

Time needed: 3 days

This is a guide on how you can lift the PayPal account balance hold after PayPal holds your balance. Paypal puts a temporary hold on your PayPal account balance when your account is at its early stages and not verified or when the seller raises a dispute. There is only one way that you can remove such a hold, and that is by verifying your account. Therefore, we shall focus on how to verify your PayPal account so that you can remove the hold on your PayPal balance and other restrictions.

  1. Visit the PayPal official account login page

    Click here to go to Paypal account login page.

  2. Log into your PayPal account

    Next, you need to log into your PayPal account interface. To do this, enter your PayPal email Address as your username and your password.

  3. Visit the account restrictions page on PayPal

    Once you are logged into your PayPal account, visit the account restrictions page where you shall see the reason for your PayPal account hold.

  4. Understand the reason for your PayPal account hold

    Paypal account balance holds are put for many reasons, that’s is, for unverified accounts, seller not confirming reception of your shipped order, and others. Once you know the reason it’s time to get to the fix.

  5. Visit the account verification page

    In case your account verification status is incomplete or undone, we shall have to do it in order for PayPal to lift the hold from your account.

  6. Connect PayPal to your bank and credit card

    In order to lift a Paypal account balance hold, you need to connect your bank account more so your credit card.

  7. Confirm your credit card and finish

    Now find your credit card confirmation pin from your credit card transaction statement. Once you have verified your credit card, you are done confirming your PayPal account, the hold should be lifted in 7 days’ time.

  8. Call PayPal customer care

    If the above did not work, then you have to now call PayPal official customer care agents and verify your account on live call after which the hold on your PayPal account balance should be lifted in 7 days’ time.

Paypal Money holds – how long do they last?

In case your PayPal account is still new and fresh, like at least below 3 first transactions, it is still susceptible to Paypal account holds. The PayPal organization requires that you verify your PayPal account details to lift your PayPal account holds.

Paypal account holds last for a varying period. Starting from 7 days, to 21 days, to 90 days and the longest hold lasts for 180 days. Once you have gotten a Paypal account holder, you shall be worried on what to do next. First, you need to be aware that your held money is safe and shall eventually be sent to you once the PayPal account hold is done. The best thing to do is to just chill and wait for the hold period to end, you can then withdraw your PayPal account balance to mpesa or your bank account.

To avoid PayPal account holds in the future, you shall have to verify your PayPal account. The first thing is to link your bank account to your PayPal account. The next thing is adding your credit card to your PayPal account. Paypal shall send and reverse $1 to your bank account to confirm its authenticity, after this, PayPal shall have triggered a transaction code for the $1 which you shall have to get and enter in your PayPal account verification page.

In case you have a business PayPal account, you shall need to enter your official business details including registration, business number, and business address. You have successfully confirmed your PayPal account. In the subsequent days, you shall be required to verify your PayPal account further by having a video call with one of the PayPal organization agents after which they shall fully unlock your PayPal account to hold large amounts of PayPal balances.

Paypal Customer Care Contacts

Ask Paypal a questionPaypal help centre
Paypal Phone Number00 1 402-935-2050
PayPal Knowledge Base
PayPal Live Chat SupportHere
PayPal Email SupportHere
Paypal Customer Care Contacts

Paypal Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of support does PayPal offer?

Paypal offers customer care service via email, phone calls, live chat, and community frequently asked questions.

How can I contact PayPal?

You can easily contact PayPal using the PayPal customer care contact details that we have listed in the table above.

How do I talk to a human on PayPal?

To talk to a human customer care support agent at PayPal, call and chat with the support robot until it reaches a point where it redirects you to a real customer care support agent at PayPal.

How do I find my contacts in PayPal?

To find your contacts in your PayPal account, Go to the Send and Request page of your account.
Click Contacts at the top.
Click on a Contact to Edit, Remove, see recent activity and send or request money.

Can I transfer money from M-Pesa to PayPal in Kenya?

Yes, you can transfer money from your Safaricom mpesa to your PayPal account in Kenya using the mpesa PayPal Service that is powered by tunes. All you need is the Safaricom mpesa PayPal thunes Paybill number which is 8000088.

Can I use mpesa on Paypal?

Yes, if you are a Kenyan who has a Safaricom mpesa account, you can connect your mpesa account to your PayPal account easily. After this, use the PayPal mpesa login page to use your mpesa from your PayPal account. You can withdraw or top-up money to and from Paypal and mpesa.

How do I verify my PayPal account in Kenya?

To verify your PayPal account in Kenya to avoid holds on your PayPal account, please connect your bank account and credit card to your PayPal account. Then you shall still need to initiate a video call with one of the PayPal organization’s agents who shall verify your account.

How do I link my mpesa account to Paypal account in Kenya?

To Link your mpesa account to your PayPal account, you shall need to visit the PayPal mpesa by thunes service page here. You shall then use your Safaricom mpesa phone number to connect your PayPal and mpesa accounts.

Can I link a Kenyan bank account to Paypal?

Yes, Paypal allows Kenyans to connect their Kenyan bank accounts to Paypal as payment and Withdraw methods and options. You can also connect your credit card to Paypal, the two links are the best means to verify your PayPal account in Kenya.

Can I link my KCB bank account number to Paypal in Kenya?

KCB is one of the banks in Kenya that allows its users to connect their bank accounts to Paypal as a means of withdrawing money. Kenyans can also take advantage of this link to verify their PayPal accounts.

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