In case for any reason you have accidentally lost your kcpe of kcse certificate, this is a guide on how to replace a lost KCSE or KCPE certificate. KNEC is the body responsible for all examination processes in Kenya, it is the body that awards certificates upon completion of each level, the good news is that they allow you to replace a lost certificate.

Also take note that a certificate replacement can only be done once. Therefore, take good care of your replacement certificate after processing it. Expect charges for this service also.

How to replace a lost KCSE or KCSE certificate

What are the requirements to replace a lost kcse or kcpe certificate?

  • A copy of the lost certificate(s) You have to produce this.
  • A letter of recommendation from your former school’s head, or principal. For private candidates, you should have a letter of recommendation from the county education officer, or sub-county education officer.
  • An affidavit in your name sworn by you in the presence of an accreditated commissioner of oaths.
  • A police abstract from the nearest police station from the point of loss if your certificates.
  • Your employers letter of recommendation to knec
  • A copy of an identification document. Either an ID, PASSPORT or birth certificate. Please note that the names on the identification document should match those on your lost certificate and knec records.
  • A bank reciept to show payment of the knec processing fee.

KNEC Charges for replacing a lost kcpe or kcse certificate

As noted earlier, knec charges a fee for replacing the certificate.

A fee of 5000 shillings plus 16% VAT should be deposited in the knec bank accounts from the below banks.

  • Equity Bank
  • KCB bank
  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • National bank of Kenya

Step by step guide of how to replace a lost knec or kcpe certificate

  • Click here to go to the knec website
  • Fill the forms in an accurate manner and submit them to the council secretary
  • You can also send it through posts, ensure you address it to the council’s secretary.

You are now done. Wait for 60 days for your certificate to be ready. The certificates can only be collected by you in person. You have up to two years to collect the certificates failure to which they shall be destroyed without compensation to you.

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  1. Lucas onyango Nyadola says:

    I need to replace my lost kcpe certificate what should I do?

    1. Thekenyan says:


      To replace your lost kcpe certificate, please follow the steps in the guide above.

      The Kenyan.

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