How to reset a DSTV Govt decoder after payment – Solve the E16 and no signal errors

After the end of your subscription, is common to get the E16 and no signal error or both DSTV and GOtv. This experience is especially frustrating when you have already renewed your subscription. The activation of your subscription after renewal takes a while, especially if you paid while your decoder is off. This is how to reset a DSTV & Govt decoder after payment to solve the E16 and no signal errors. 

How to reset your DSTV & GOtv decoder and clear the E16 error 

  1. Start by turning on your decoder in case it is off. Check to ensure that your card is inserted correctly. 
  2. To clear the E16 error in both DSTV and GOtv, you need to send a text message. For DSTV, text the word ‘RESET’ followed by your card number to 22688. In the case of GOtv, send a text message with the word ‘RESET’ followed by your ICU number to 22688. 
  3. How to reset using USSD – In case you are using USSD, it’s easy to clear the E16 error. All you need to do is dial *423# then follow the prompts to finish the process. 

You can get online and clear the E16 error on both DSTV and GOtv.  


  1. Access the DSTV easy portal by clicking here 
  2. Next, you shall be required to enter your smart card number. 
  3. Authenticate by confirming the captcha 
  4. Next, click on ‘clear error code’ 

For GOtv 

  1. Go to the GOtv easy self-service portal by clicking on this link. 
  2. Next, you need to type in your ICU number 
  3. Authenticate by confirming the captcha 
  4. Next, click on ‘clear error code’ 

The above methods shall help you reset your GOtv or DSTV decoder and get the E16 and no signal errors solved. Choose the convenient method for yourself and continue. If you have other issues with your decoder, use the contacts below to reach DSTV or GOtv customer service. 

In case you need to inquire, get an error solved or have any assistance from DSTV, these are the official DSTV customer care contacts in Kenya.

DSTV Customer care contacts Kenya

DSTV customer care phone numbers

You can contact dstv kenya through their below mobile phone numbers:

  • 020 4236 000
  • 0711 066 000

Contact DSTV kenya through their website

You can easily reach DSTV customer care through their website. Click here to go to the official multichoice website.

Contact DSTV through their twitter handle

This, according to our experience is the best way to contact DSTV customer care. They are very responsive on Twitter. Reach DSTV Kenya customer care on Twitter through the handle which is @DStv_Kenya

DSTV customer care Facebook contacts

Dstv Kenya can be contacted through facebook. To cantact them, click here.

DSTV customer care support postal Address

Multichoice House, P.O. Box 60406 Karuna Road, Nairobi, Kenya

DSTV Installers and Dealers in Kenya

In case you need a dealer to do your DSTV installation or technical fixing, we compiled a list of dealers available in Nairobi, Kenya.

Kelvin MuliroJogoo road, Nairobi, Nairobi county.[email protected]0724218809
Barack Okoth 24 Westland road, Nairobi[email protected]0715273453
Dickson MutisoUtawala Crecent, Nairobi[email protected]0726840888
Denis OderwaNgong Road, Nairobi[email protected]m0720042292
DSTV Installers and Dealers in Kenya

GOtv Kenya Customer Care Contacts – Gotv contacts

To contact GOtv Kenya Customer Care, use the below GOtv contacts. 

  • 0711 066 555 
  • 020 423 6000 
  • 0711 066 000 
  • 020 423 6555 

Whenever you run into an issue with your GOtv decoder, subscription or account, the best way to get help is by reaching GOtv support team. You can easily do this by using GOtv customer care contacts.  

GOtv Kenya Contacts 

GOtv twitter accounts customer care contacts 

The Twitter handle of GOtv is: @GotvKenya you can reach them and launch your issue or complaint. 

GOtv Kenya facebook contacts 

GOtv Kenya is on Facebook and shall reply and help you out with issues. Click here to go to their Facebook page. 

GOtv Kenya website 

GOtv Kenya has a website where you can check their troubleshooting guides or leave a message to reach their customer care for assistance. Click here to go to their website. 

GOtv Kenya mobile customer care contacts 

  • 0711 066 555 
  • 020 423 6000 
  • 0711 066 000 
  • 020 423 6555 

Gotv contacts in a table

GOtv Kenya websiteClick here to access
GOtv Kenya facebook contactsClick here to access
GOtv Twitter accounts customer care contacts @GotvKenya
GOtv Kenya mobile customer care contacts 0711 066 555 
020 423 6000 
0711 066 000 
020 423 6555
Gotv contacts in a table

Gotv Dealers Contacts in Kenya

Name EmailPhoneLocation
Musa Ramathan (coast)[email protected]254721-929199, 254 718-466889Old Malindi Road near Tuskys Mtwapa
Diten Chavda (western)[email protected]254 752-925777, 254720-600521Kenyatta Avenue next to Franka Hotel
Moses Wahome (Nairobi)[email protected]254 0020-719-44040, 254 020-2010360Piazza Arcade, 1st Floor next to Kobil Petrol Station
Fancis Mwangi (Nairobi)[email protected]254 020-2023335, 254722-810076Opposite Naivas Supermarket along Kasarani- Mwiki road, Kasarani
Gotv Dealers Contacts in Kenya

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