How To Fix/Remove Gotv Errors After Payment

If you are using GOtv, you might have encountered GOtv Error codeß and messages and you need to fix the Gotv errors. However, you might not know how to clear Gotv error messages. Sometimes, GOtv shows error messages even after paying for your subscription.

To fix GOtv error codes, change the positioning of your antenna, pay Gotv subscription if you have not paid, pay before time, and other solutions as we shall see below for each GOtv error code.

Gotv error codes are basically very annoying sometimes and they can bar you from enjoying your best GOtv channels even after you have done the subscription payment. Before we show you how to resolve GOtv error codes and messages, let us explore the causes of gotv error codes.

What Is The Cause Of GOtv Error Codes And Messages?

  1. The most common problem that causes error codes is the expiry of the gotv subscription.
  2. Another cause of DStv error codes may be because of the position of the antenna and they can be easily resolved by changing the position of the antenna.
  3. Most people however prefer to renew their subscription long after the expiry of the plan and this is the cause of other errors. By subscribing even before the expiry of the plan, you can avoid some of these errors. In this article we are going to see how to resolve and clear GOtv error codes fast and easy.
how to resolve and clear gotv error codes fast and easy

GOtv Error Codes/Messages & Solutions

There are four major error codes that are seen on our TV screens depending on the cause. They are;

  1. Error E32
  2. Error E016
  3. Error E48-32
  4. Error E17

All the above come as a result of something different and they have different ways of solving them and clearing them from the TV screens and getting back to enjoying our favorite programs. We are going to see how to resolve each of them in the comfort of our houses.

How To Clear/Fix Error Code E48-32 On GOtv

Gotv error E48-32 is the simplest error to correct on GOtv. It is basically brought about by the position of the antenna. The first thing to do when you encounter GOtv error E48-32 is to check if the antenna is correctly connected to the decoder. If it is not, simply connect it properly. After ensuring the antenna is connected properly, do the following;

  1. Press OK on the remote control to see the signal information
  2. Go to the menu
  3. Click Advanced on the menu then Installation then auto scan
  4. Basically, if the error is not from the GOtv side, channels 58 and 42 will come up first
  5. After the scan is complete channel 99 will come up.
  6. If it doesn’t, you might have to redo the scan until the three channels show in that sequence.
  7. For this error, if it persists, you might be required to reach out the customer care  via the following contacts;
  8. 08039003788 or
  9. 01-2703232
  10. This is the procedure for solving GOtv error E48-32, use the comment question if you have any queries about GOtv error code E48-32.

How To Resolve/Remove Gotv Error Code E016

Gotv Error Code E016 is majorly brought about by the failure to renew the subscription before the expiry of the existing plan. Gotv Error Code E016 might sometimes persist long after one has renewed the subscription plan and this is how to resolve it.

There are two major ways of resolving this error.  One requires you to use the online digital platform while the other is basically an SMS. For you to resolve this error via the website, you need to be connected to the internet. You can do it via the mobile phone or via the website.

  1. Visit the Gotv website
  2. Click on the easy self-service option
  3. Click on the Error code button
  4. Type in the IUC number of your decoder and then select GOtvE016.
  5. Type in the captcha code for verification
  6.  Click on clear error button
  7. At this stage the error Error Code E016 will be successfully fixed. In the comment section below, let us know any further questions about GOtv Error Code E016.

To resolve the error code E016 via the message line, you will have to do the following;

  1. Open the message box on the decoder
  2. Send a “reset IUC number” message to 4688, for clarity, this is how your message should appear[use your IUC NUMBER] for example; send  RESET 4755780125 TO 4688
  3. By sending this message, the Gotv Error Code E016 should be resolved.

How To Clear GOtv Error Code E32

The govt error E32 is simply the same as error code E016 and what it means is that the user is not entitled to access the GOtv services.

To resolve GOtv Error Code E016 you can use any of the methods of resolving error code E016. You might also need to reach out the customer care service if the error code persists.

How To Resolve Gotv Error Code E17

Gotv Error Code E17 means that the user has not received the activation command though they might have renewed their subscription. To resolve gotv error code 17, you should activate your decoder by calling gotv customer care.

Gotv Error Code E17 is

How To Remove Gotv Error code E30

Gotv Error code E30 is another simple error that means that the GOtv subscriber has had their GOtv box unplugged for a while. There are three ways of resolving this error;

  1. Wait for five minutes after the subscription
  2. Send a reset message to the decoder using your mobile phone
  3. You can also use the GOtv self-service app

     How To Fix Gotv  Error code E66-32

Gotv  Error code E66-32 is a result of the GOtv subscriber not having an active package in their account. This is what should be done to resolve the error.

If the subscription is paid, send a reset message to the decoder via the mobile phone, use the GOtv self-service app or call the helpline.

If there is no subscription, you will need to pay for the subscription or pay for a new package for the error to be fully cleared.

How To Solve GOtv Error Code I38

GOtv Error Code I38 is described as a service not running. This is basically like a flag the local channel broadcasters set when they stop broadcasting for the night until they get back. For this error, little can be done by the user to resolve it except to wait until the broadcasters are back up.

Those are the principal error codes that we encounter in our course of enjoying the GOtv services and programs. The above ways can be used to fully clear the error codes and get us back to normal use of our decoders and packages.

Some of the errors can be resolved through reaching out to the helpline and self-service while some need a little patience. Either way, we should just do what has been specified above and all the errors will be resolved. This simple guide will help you very much on how to resolve and clear GOtv error codes fast and easily and by referring to it, you will be able to solve any error codes on your GOtv.

How to reset the Gotv decoder

  1. Go to the GOtv easy self-service portal
  2. Next, you need to type in your ICU number 
  3. Authenticate by confirming the captcha 
  4. Next, click on ‘clear error code’ 
How to reset Gotv decoder

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