How to Start a Mobile Phone Repair Business in Kenya

With the steady growth of technology a day after another, artificial intelligence devices have risen in demand since they’ve become essentials in our day-to-day life. Used as a tool of communication in the modern world, mobile phones have evolved and their necessity increased. People need their mobile phones to keep in touch with their loved ones and connect with other people across the globe. With the rise in demand, phone production and repairing have become a very fruitful niche. I’m going to take you through the procedure on how to start a mobile phone repair business in Kenya today.  

Get on board and follow the guidelines keenly to understand how you can start-up your shop today. Help people repair their broken phones to earn profits and improve your business in no time. 

Phones are also used as money sending tools across the world since many people really depend on them; to access their bank accounts online. University students use their mobile phones to access their student portal and in e-Learning as well.  

How much cash do I need to start a mobile phone repair business in Kenya today? 

Starting an average class phone repair shop in Kenya is cost-effective since you only require around Ksh.50,000 with your storefront rent included. All you need is a collection of replacement mobile phone parts like chargers, screens, phone batteries, and motherboards as well. Technically, you’ll also need the required tools for your job to start off your repair business. You can just start with the basic and common mechanical tools available as you look forward to buying upgrades and new ones later on.  
Requirements for starting a mobile phone repair business in Kenya 

When starting a cellphone repair shop, you’ll have to do your research first and note all that is needed to make the ‘perfect’ business plan for your mobile phone repair shop today. Your plan should contain start-up expenses, your business’ location, annual objectives, and even future income projections. Therefore, below are the factors and everything on how to start a mobile phone repair business in Kenya today. 

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