To be on good terms with the local authorities and government, you’ll have to apply for various permits for your business. Failure to be in line with the local government’s set regulations will lead to rising conflicts whenever the government officials will be going around doing inspections. Therefore, comply with the guys in charge to avoid losing your inventory thus leading to business failure. 

Insurance is essential for your mobile phone repair business to protect it from any potential risks. Remember that some of your clients’ mobile phones will be expensive and losing one of them woĆ¹ld drag your business back and lag your success.  

How much capital do you need for a mobile phone repair shop startup? 

Luckily, starting a mobile phone repair business in Kenya will not cost you so much as many individuals conclude. In Kenya, you would require cash. 50,000 to start an average phone repair business. You can start with screen repairing, phone battery replacement as well as selling phone accessories. You will also require all appropriate phone repair tools set before launching your business to enhance convenience to your clients in times of service. You can get to upgrade and buy more sophisticated and advanced repair tools as you grow your business in the future.  
Depending on the traffic your business attracts, you’ll be able to make revenue through offering service and selling accessory products as your business runs. With good business terms, you will be able to attract many clients and earn your customers’ trust thus increasing your sales. All you have to do is enhance efficiency and watch out for your competitors to make sure you keep up with the market trends. 


Still, wondering how to start a mobile phone repair business in Kenya? Follow and execute the guidelines above to set up your startup mobile phone repair shop today. Offer your services at affordable prices and make customer satisfaction your top priority to contain your customers and enhance loyalty in your brand and services as well. All you need at hand is adequate capital and an effective business plan to venture into this niche. 

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