The gaming industry has grown significantly over recent years in Kenya and the world at large. Gaming is gaining more and more popularity, and Kenyans are starting to participate in e-sports tournaments. The number of Kenyans owning gaming units has also increased rapidly as more and more incorporate gaming into their lifestyles. The gaming industry has also provided self-employment and a source of income for many youths. It also helps keep them off vices such as theft as it occupies and entertains them. This article will guide you on how to start a gaming business. 

Factors to consider when starting a video game business 

The video game business is a very lucrative venture, but it requires adequate planning and capital to start and run. Here are a few factors to consider when starting a PlayStation business. 

  • The first step is to survey to help you determine the feasibility of the venture. Look for highly populated areas. The main target market is the youth, as they are more likely to play video games compared to the elderly. You may also exchange with other arcade owners to find out what possible challenges to expect and how to counter them.  
  • Consider the amount of capital you have at hand. The business being electronic is not cheap. However, high investment is very likely to see a high return. The main reason most people go to gaming arcades is that they are unable to afford the current-gen gaming units. 
  • You need to acquire business premises in a strategic location to ensure traffic and increase the arcade’s popularity among gamers. Ensure you pick a safe location to ensure the safety of your equipment as well. Ensure your arcade is large enough to accommodate gamers and to ensure space for additional gaming units. 

Acquire all the necessary licences to run the business. You will require a single business permit and a Music Copyright Licence to play music on the premises. Those are the basic steps to starting a video game business in Kenya. 

Here are a few tips that may improve the returns from your video game business. The main focus is on increasing traffic and customer satisfaction. 

  • Get high-quality equipment and ensure that they are always maintained. Getting the latest consoles and quality television sets will improve the gaming experience of customers and will increase the popularity of your arcade. 
  • Ensure your premises are strategically located to capture the attention of gamers. Using lights and loud music as well as background game sounds capture the attention of most gamers. Decorate the arcade with posters and any other creative ways you can to increase its appeal. Excellent locations include areas around colleges and universities, estates and busy roadsides. 
  • You should always be in the know of all games that are in demand. Popular games such as EA Sport’s FIFA is a must-have as a vast majority of gamers are soccer lovers. Try to increase the depth of your library though video games aren’t cheap to buy. This will increase your customers as people tend to play other games as well. 
  • Provide refreshments and other services such as Wi-Fi. This will help keep other gamers waiting for their turns occupied and will boost profits. 
  • Ensure you try as hard as possible to keep your arcade in top condition. Ensure it is ever clean and the equipment is in perfect condition. Gamers hate faulty controllers or stuffy rooms. Ensure ventilation especially during this coronavirus period and also to avoid sweating. Customer comfort is of high priority. Ensure the seats are comfortable as well. 

You can also incorporate other services such as photocopy, or you could start a movie shop as such business go hand in hand. Music will also keep customers entertained. 

The cost of starting a video game business in Kenya. 

To start a video game business in Kenya, you will need the following:

A console. 

Consoles are the main part of the video game business. You can either get PlayStation or Xbox consoles depending on your price range. Current-gen consoles are currently out of reach for most. A single PS5 or Xbox Series X console may cost well above sh.70,000. 

  • PS4 consoles come in several variants; 
  • PS4 pro: sh.59,999 (1 TB) 
  • PS4 slim: sh.44,999 (500 GB) 
  • The base PS4 is available at sh.40,000 
  • Xbox consoles come in the following variants: 
  • Xbox Series X: sh.76,000 (1 TB SSD) 
  • Xbox One X: sh.49,999 (1 TB) 
  • Television Sets 

You will require TVs bigger than 32 inches for a better gaming experience. If your budget allows you to, get bigger screens with higher resolutions. This will attract gamers and increase traffic as well. 

Here is also a shortlist of popular games to get for the arcade; 

  • Fifa 21 
  • NBA 2K 21 
  • Grand Theft Auto V 
  • Mortal Kombat 
  • Tekken 
  • Injustice 
  • Need For Speed 

Games are expensive, and you should consider purchasing used games from vendors or sites such as OLX. 

The video gaming business is very lucrative, but it will require investment and proper planning and management. It is a flexible business venture, and you don’t necessarily have to start big. This article has been a small guide on how to start a video game business in Kenya. 

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