This is a complete guide to how to trade Cryptocurrency for starters. What is cryptocurrency? How does cryptocurrency work? These are common questions in the digital money world that we are going to answer today.  


Our post today will cover how to trade cryptocurrency for beginners seeking to explore the blockchain market now, and even in the future.

How to Invest in Cryptocurrency for Beginners

When trying to comprehend how to trade cryptocurrency, it’s important to first comprehend how the crypto market operates. As much as cryptocurrencies keep appreciating in value, they do not generate cash flow.

The logic behind profit in cryptocurrency is when another member pays more for crypto making the one who bought for less profit. There is no real increase in value like there is in business. For a business, there is an improvement in operations, profitability, and cash flow.  

Is it Safe to Trade Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency may not be so safe. Some experience and top investors have also raised concerns over key aspects that make it impossible to replace money with cryptocurrency.

For instance, Warren Buffett gave a comparison of cryptocurrency and money, he likened cryptocurrency as checks, as much as checks are very efficient in transferring money, they cannot replace money, and such is cryptocurrency. 

For a currency to be created as the main store and exchange of value, it has to attain stability, something that cryptocurrencies have failed to achieve. A stable currency helps traders determine the fair price for commodities. In December 2017, Bitcoin hiked to $20,000, and later the following year it had fallen to $3,200. It gained over time and by December 2020 the value was up again. 

The hope of cryptocurrency becoming the future of money makes its trading strained. Most buyers prefer to keep their crypto waiting for profit when it becomes the main currency and increases in value. The result is that people are less likely to trade cryptocurrency reducing their chances of becoming a currency.  

How to trade cryptocurrency

How to trade cryptocurrency step by step- Beginner’s guide

  1. Research about Crypto

    First, you’ll have to perform broad research about cryptocurrency trading, and understand the current trends of the crypto market to be on the safer side.

  2. Short-term or Long-term trade?

    Upon doing your research and checking the market’s status, you’ll have to decide on whether you’re anticipating doing either long-term or short-term crypto trading.

  3. Trading Method & Strategies

    Go for a trading method and strategy that is favorable for you. You can choose strategies like scalping, reverse trades, momentum trading, buying dips and hold, following crypto trends, fade training, and even rang trading.

  4. Learn to Trade

    You’ll need to master the trading and exchanges process, as well as reading & interpreting the crypto charts.

  5. Create your Trading plan

    You’re recommended to create your trading plan which will help you strategize your investment and keep you on track, especially during this Start-up level.

  6. Choose an Exchange

    After understanding how to trade crypto, you can now choose the preferred exchange platform supporting your preferred crypto coin and create an account.

  7. Best Crypto Wallet for you

    Before your investment takes off, you’ll need to decide on the best crypto wallet supporting your crypto; where you’ll store your coins.

  8. Begin Trading

    You can now open your account, monitor the user interface, and begin investing in the blockchain market ASAP.

Due to its volatility traits, the BTC’s value has gone down in terms of value. The coin was struggling with stability in the first few months but has managed to stay in the game and given investors hope that it might explode in the future.

The legality of Cryptocurrency and Regulations

The legality of cryptocurrency depends on each state’s or country’s decision. In the United States, cryptocurrency is legal and investors are already trading. In other states like china, cryptocurrency is banned.

Being a relatively new and unexploited idea, there have emerged a lot of fraudsters taking advantage of the buyer ignorance to con them, stay aware of such scammers. 

How to Store your Cryptocurrency

Now that you’ve gone through our beginner’s guide on how to trade cryptocurrency today, make sure you acquire the most trusted crypto wallet that you’ll be using for your exchanges.

Therefore, upon understanding how to trade cryptocurrency, you’re recommended to keenly seek the most authorized sellers in the market and begin interacting with them. You can consult and make inquiries from successful traders who are experienced in this field.

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