Any DSTV user would tell you that they have experienced some colors blinking on their DSTV decoders. The colors have different meanings and it takes different actions to turn them off. The most common colors that we usually have are red, orange/yellow, green. Any of those colors blinking means something, ranging from errors, messages, and even signal loss. We, therefore, have to understand each of the colors and their meanings so that we don’t have to panic when we see them constantly blinking. However, today we have our focus on the yellow light on the decoder. In this article, we are going to understand how to turn off DSTV yellow light and its meaning. For some decoders it’s orange but they mean the same. 

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Cause of DSTV yellow light 

The yellow light blinks right at the bottom of the envelope icon on the front of your decoder. What this means is that you have a notification or message from DSTV and before you read it, the decoder will not stop blinking the yellow light. This is just a signal that there is an unread message from DSTV and you have to read it to turn off the yellow light. You might be wondering how to read the notifications. One thing, they do not pop up on the screen like they would do on a mobile phone, so you have to go to unread messages before you can read them and turn off the light. Now, here is how you can turn off the yellow light on the decoder. 

Sometimes, the yellow light doesnt just mean that there are unread messages. It might be something different. However the only thing that can be happening apart from the having a message is that there might be a software downloading. In this case there is little you can do to rectify but the good news is that whenever the software download is complete, the yellow light will always turn off. The best thing to do here is for just wait for the software to finish downloading. 

How to turn off DSTV yellow light 

To turn off the DSTV yellow light , you have to read the messages that are there.  To read the message, go to your remote control, press on DSTV button. It will bring the menu. On the menu, use the right arrow to navigate to help. On the help menu, go to messages from DSTV. They would appear there and after you have read the messages, the yellow light will stop blinking and everything will be okay. 

In the other instance where the decoder might be downloading some software, you need to worry less. The only thing you can do is wait for the download to finish before you can get back to enjoy watching your favourite programs. 

That’s how simple it is to do away with the blinking yellow light on the DSTV decoder. It should not be a big worry the way it looks like. 

Other color indications and their meanings 

There are two other color meanings that we are going to mention and their meanings. The other two colors are red and green and they mean something too. 

Red light 

Your decoder blinking red would mean two things. Your decoder is either on standby or it is experiencing a smart card error or a signal error. To get the red light from blinking, you have to reset the decoder by doing the following; 

  • Press the reset button on the front panel of the decoder. 
  • Press on the standby button and hold it until you see a ‘dL’ on the display panel 
  • Press on the tv/ audio button 
  • Hold on to it until the word done appears and you would have fixed it. 

On the other hand, to do away with the errors such as smart card errors and the other signal errors , you have to resolve them. It is quite a process and you might have to seek some help with that at times. After resolving the errors however, the red light will stop blinking. 

Green light 

While this should worry you least, it occurs the most. The first incident is when there is a command on the remote control. When the decider recieves a command from a functional remote control it blinks green.The light could also mean that there is an audio or video channel playing on the decoder. Sometimes, when the light blinks strong green, it may signify that the error that occured, has been resolved. Majorly, the green button does not signify anything to worry. 

Those are the major lights that blink on the DSTV decoder on different occasions. It is easy to resolve the issues and have them off as soon as possible.out ficus was however on how to turn off DSTV yellow light and it’s meaning which I think now, we kniw and we need not worry about. We should however be careful not to get into a further problem while trying to resolve any if the errors. 

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