How to Update Your Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom Sim Card Online in Kenya.

This guide gives you simple steps on how to update your sim card (Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom) registration online for various sim cards in Kenya.

How to Update Your Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom Sim Card Online in Kenya.
How to Update Your Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom Sim Card Online in Kenya.

The deadline for the sim update process was April 15, but many Kenyans had not re-registered their SIM cards, the Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) ultimately extended the deadline to October 15.

A few months ago, you had to be physically present at a Safaricom shop or M-Pesa agent near you to register your sim card.

Progressively, the process has been digitized, and you can complete it online from the comfort of your home or office.

Noteworthy is the fact that the penalties for both the service provider and individuals are quite heavy. Operators will be fined Ksh 300,000 per violation(each unregistered user) and if you provide information that is not true, you could be fined up to 6 months in jail.

The Communication Authority of Kenya is enforcing the Kenya Information and Communications (Registration of SIM cards) Regulations, 2015 which requires all mobile operators to collect certain details of their subscribers during registration and update any changes made thereafter to those details.

But the good news is that various telco companies came up with analogous ways of doing this process in the comfort of your phone.

How to Update Your Safaricom Sim Card Details Online.

Safaricom developed an online platform that allows customers to update their SIM details via an online platform.

Follow this precise process and the page alerts you that the process has been completed successfully.

Here is the simple process:

  • Click here to visit Safaricom Portal.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter the one-time password you will receive via SMS.
  • Upload clear front and back images of your ID.
  • Complete and submit.

Using Safaricom App to verify sim card details.

  1. On the Safaricom App home page, there’s a notice to verify SIM details
  2. If you can’t find it, go to the Account page and click “Update SIM Registration Details”
  3. Go through the steps above and provide the required details
  4. Verify your numbers and submit.

How to Register Your Safaricom, Airtel, or Telkom Sim Online.

Safaricom controlled approximately 64.5% percent of the Kenyan market as of 2020 with a subscriber base estimated at approximately 35.6 million.

By April 17th Safaricom had already surpassed 65% validation of its subscribers

Safaricom has offered multiple avenues for its customers to register their lines. The pioneering process of walking into any Safaricom Shop and registering your line in person.

But this process saw crowded lines, coupled with the fact that some people in rural areas could not access customer care centers or agents.

Airtel, Telkom, and now Safaricom have launched self-help portals to directly help their subscribers document their details

Only JTL’s Faiba Mobile 4G notified its subscribers that they don’t need to re-register their SIM cards as their SIM registration was fully compliant with the Communication Authority guidelines.

How To Update Your Airtel Kenya SIM Details Online.

The process of updating Airtel Kenya is done online too and is relatively fast. You will need your ID, a device that can take clear images of the ID, and your SIM card. With these documents, follow these steps:

  • Go to this registration portal.
  • Enter your Airtel Kenya number.
  • You will receive an OTP through SMS that will then verify it.
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Upload a clear front-side photo of your national ID.
  • Upload a clear backside photo of your national ID.
  • Complete and hit SUBMIT.

How To Update Your Telkom Kenya SIM Card Details Online.

  • Go to this Telkom registration portal.
  • Enter your Telkom Kenya number.
  • Enter your ID number.
  • Upload a clear photo of the front side of your national ID.
  • Upload a clear photo of the back side of your national ID.
  • Hit SUBMIT and you are done.

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