Writing The Best Resume

How To Write A Resume

Time needed: 1 hour

Got shortlisted for a job posting? It’s now time to prepare for the interview. Find here a guide to help you when writing your resume.

  1. Choose your resume format

    Select the relevant resume format that fits your skill or experience strengths.

    There are 3 resume formats:
    ✓ Chronological
    ✓ Functional
    ✓ Hybrid

    A chronological resume format focuses on your past job experiences. It is best for people with past work experiences without much gaps between employment. First time job seekers should avoid this format.

    A functional resume format puts more emphasis on the skills that you have. This is the best format for job seekers who have strong skill background with little or no past job experience.

    A hybrid resume format includes a balance between both the skills and past work experiences. This is the best resume format to use, especially if you have a strong skill background and enough past work experience.chronological-resum-example

  2. Write Your Name And Contact Details

    At the top of your resume, start with giving your contact details. Include the following:

    ✓ Your Name
    ✓ Your Adress
    ✓ Your Phone Number
    ✓ Your email Adress
    ✓ Your LinkedIn Profile link
    ✓ Your location

    Make your profile as simple as possible to make it easy for recruiters to note.

  3. Write Your Resume Title

    A resume title is the first thing recruiters see. Take advantage to make a stand-out first impression.

    Write a Resume title that is short and surmarizes who you are and the relationship to the job posting.

    Be sure to include main keywords in the job posting to make your resume title relevant.

    ✓ Make your title short, preferably under 10 words
    ✓ Make the first letter of each word in your resume title Capita. Bold your title bold to have it stand out from the main resume content.

  4. Write your resume summary statement

    A resume summary statement is a short detailed overview of your experience and skills. A resume summary statement usually expounds on you resume title. When writing your resume summary statement, do the following;
    ✓ Highlight main points that make you the best fit for the job posting.
    ✓ Include your strong skills
    ✓ Include your relevant working experience
    ✓ Use details that are only relevant for the given job posting
    ✓ Ensure you include the main keywords of the job description to make your summary relevant

  5. Write Your Work Experience Section

    The work experience section is very important in your resume. Work experiences especially those that match or relate to the posted job make recruiters consider you first.

    In this section, be sure to do the following;
    ✓ Write you past job positions and responsibilities
    ✓ Include your roles and value in the positions you’ve held
    ✓ Let your recruiters know the achievements you made in this positions and how you added to the organization you worked for.
    ✓ List each job in reverse-chronological order. Each job should have its own subheading that includes the following information: ✓ Company ✓Job location ✓Your job title ✓Start and end dates

    This is the section to go into detail on your past strengths and abilities that made you achieve in your past jobs. Recruiters are keen to note the companies you’ve worked for in the past, be precise and detailed to make this information easy to find, avoid too long paragraphs with filler words.

  6. Write the skills section

    Now, its time to let your recruiters know the skills you have competence in. Recruiters look for skills that best match the job position they are looking to fill.

    Be specific with your skills, ensure you select the skills that best fit the job.

    To identify the most important skills that the recruiters are looking for, go through the job description. The skills that are mentioned multiple times throughout the description are the ones to go for.

  7. Write the education and certification section

    The education and certification section is not very important in a resume. The important goal of a resume is to present your skills and work experience.

    However, some jobs might require this section, especially if they noted a degree or any other educational qualification. Also, for candidates fresh out of college, the education section shall come above the work experience section. Include the following:
    ✓ Name of Institution
    ✓ Degree
    ✓ School
    ✓ Location
    ✓ Years Attended

  8. Polish up your resume

    At this point, your resume is ready. Go through the whole document checking for errors, commissions and other mistakes.

    Find important additions and omissions for the resume. Check that you have included relevant keywords from the job description. Research to know what past experiences and skills have won such jobs to find inspiration.

A chronological Resume Example

Chronological Resume Example

Functional Resume Example

Functional Resume Example

Hybrid Resume Example

Hybrid Resume Example

Resume Writing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start writing a resume?

✓ Start by choosing your resume style
✓ Write your contact details
✓ Write your resume title
✓ Write your resume summary
✓ Do your resume work experience section
✓ Make your resume skills section
✓ Finish with your resume education and awards section

What should a resume look like?


What are the 5 steps to writing a resume?

Steps to writing a resume;
Start by choosing your resume style
✓ Write your contact details
✓ Write your resume title
✓ Write your resume summary
✓ Do your resume work experience section
✓ Make your resume skills section
✓ Finish with your resume education and awards section

How do I write a good resume?

Start by choosing your resume style ✓ Write your contact details ✓ Write your resume title ✓ Write your resume summary✓ Do your resume work experience section✓ Make your resume skills section ✓ Finish with your resume education and awards section

How long should your resume be at the beginning of your career?

A resume is meant to precisely show your skills and work experience that fit the job you’re applying to. A short and detailed resume is desirable. A single page resume is enough.

How far back should your resume go?

For fresh graduates, your resume should include all your details since they are not much. However if you’ve been in the field for long, it is advisable to go 10 to 15 years back.

How do recruiters select resume?

Recruiters select the best resume based on how well and relevant the skills and experiences are written. Resumes with the most relevant skills and experience are selected first.

What is the relevance of a resume?

The purpose of a resume is to precisely introduce the recruiters about your gained skills and work experience.

What is the first section in a resume?

The first section in a resume are your contact details as elaborated in the article above

What are the 3 main types of resumes?

✓ Chronological Resume
✓ Functional Resume
✓ Hybrid Resume

How many jobs should I list on a resume?

4-5 past job experiences are enough for a resume. That should be a 10 to 15 years working experience.

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