• Akothee Has lamented urging Kenyans to stop stigmatizing HIV positive people.
  • Earlier on, rumor had give viral online that AKOTHEE had allegedly fired a house by after ARV drugs accidentally fell from a bag he was holding allegedly owned by the musician come social media influencer in question.
  • AKOTHEE has since the camped online ingeniously denying the allegation alongside urging Kenyans to cease the Stigma.

Detailed News

AKOTHEE seems to be pissed off after rumor went around social media that the mucisians house boy had mishandled her bag causing ARV drugs to drop in public. AKOTHEE earlier on came out ranging with anger on Instagram, in her post she reveals that she doesn’t care to announce whenever she is positive, she says it doesn’t have to come from paparazzi. She continues to wonder why people hate on public figures as she claims.

This afternoon, she has taken to social media looking angred over the same issues. In the live instagram video, AKOTHEE lamented of the hate HIV positive go through. She insisted saying that those who are HIV positive fear to go public because if the Stigma they have seen people have shown for previous leaks. She proceeds to debank most of the lies that have been shared. She ingeniously brags of her wealth, fame and status. This is not the first time the controversial musician is ranting online, she has on many occasions solved her hater issues online going clean with the ‘truth’

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