Ines de Ramon bio – Hardly known quick facts about Paul Wesley wife

DOB1992 in the US
HusbandPaul Wesley
SCHOOLINGlocal High School, University of Geneva
KidsNo kids for now
INES de Ramon bio facts

Quick Facts About Ines De Ramon

  • Ines de Ramons’s real name is Ines-Olivia de Ramon.
  • Ines de Ramon is a Polyglot
  • Ines is not Paul’s first wife
  • She is a Fitness eccentric 

Stephan Salvatore, commonly known as Paul Wesley on the world’s popular show ‘Vampire diaries’ decided to secretly take things to the next level with his beautiful partner Ines de Ramon. It was in February 2019 when they were spotted coming from a date with matching rings. This made the world go wild on the internet since it raised questions about the entanglement of this perfect duo.

With the big fan base this good-looking actor holds across the globe, news about his relationship became a while fire and a lot of questions have been left. Ines gained enormous popularity all over the internet as days got by. Getting married to a global big awards winner increased her followers and connections on social media profiles by a very big stretch unanswered this whole time. However, in this article, you’ll get to learn about her background and personality. She has a great and interesting background. Let’s hop deeper! 

Ines de Ramon Quick facts

Who is Ines de Ramon? 

Ines de Ramons’s real name is Ines-Olivia de Ramon. Ines is a United States of America citizen by birth. She was born in 1992. She went to high school in the USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Degree in Business Administration from the University of Geneva. After graduating she went on and pursued her passion in Fitness coaching and Nutrition. Nowadays, Ines is a certified Fitness and Nutrition coach. We barely know about her deep lifestyle and family since she’s very secretive about her personal life. However, we’ll go through a number of quick facts that you should know about Ines de Ramon.

Ines de Ramon is a Polyglot

Ines can eloquently read and write five international languages i.e English, Italian, French, Spanish and German. On her linkedin profile, she clearly states all the languages she can perfectly speak, read and write. What a marvelous trait that is!

Ines De Ramon is not Paul’s first wife

Ines is actually Paul Wesley’s third wife

Paul has been in two marriages before which unfortunately had to come to an end. He was previously espoused to the famous actress Torrey Devitto from 2011 to 2013 but they eventually decided to divorce and bring their relationship to an end. Paul moved on and later got engaged to the popular Australian actress Phoebe Tonkin who they stayed together and split up in 2017. 

Ines De Ramon is a Fitness eccentric 

This 5’8 58kg fitness enthusiast fell in love with fitness and body nutrition at a very young age. Her passion for fitness can be seen on her body measurements and her perfect athletic physicality. 

Ines De Ramon Is Secretive

Ines Olivia de Ramon is a very secretive lady. Many people still wonder how her relationship with Paul Wesley started and she’s yet to reveal it to the public and who knows? maybe she never will. However, it was confirmed that their wedding happened in 2019 and the two are now living happily as husband and wife.

Ines De Ramon Has A Good following on Instagram

Ines de Ramon generally earned a big following on her social media platforms especially after it was confirmed that  he’s dating the famous Vampire Diaries popular actor Paul Wesley aka Stephan Salvatore. Her followers on Instagram have sky-stroken to more than 80,000 followers and they ’re growing as each day goes by.

After deciding to row the boat of life with her lover Paul Wesley, Ines Olivia de Ramon gained a lot of attention and popularity on the internet and she’s now living her private life. Although all the attention could be overwhelming, she’s always been on her track and secretly running her daily life activities as the sun rises and later sinks at dusk. I believe you already know the bio and a couple of facts about Ines de Ramon; Paul Wesley’s wife.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ines De Ramon

Does Paul Wesley have kids?

No, paul Wesley is yet to have any kids. Despite being married, the actor has not yet gotten any kids.

How did Paul Wesley meet his wife?

Paul Wesley met his wife Ines De Ramon back in 2007, when the both were working on a film called Killer Movie.

How long has Paul Wesley been with his wife?

Paul Wesley has been with his wife Ines De Ramon since 2007 when they first started dating.

Is Paul Wesley Rich?

Yes, at a net worth of $6 million

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