Interior design has become one of the most marketable skills in the Kenyan business market today. Due to its broadness, this course has been made readily available for venturing across the country. Many people have decided to take on this artistic course to specialize in certain skills and design services. Certainly, this course is considered fruitful due to its appealing salary. In this article, we are going to have a look at Interior design courses, universities, requirements, fee structure; and the best colleges offering in Kenya. A lot of people consider pursuing this course as a profession and passion at the same time. Typically, interior design tasks and assignments are known to be thrilling and satisfying upon achievement. This is because the field might involve some ‘Do It Yourself tasks and assignments. While some individuals enjoy doing these tasks themselves, a big proportion of people prefer paying someone to do even the simplest of tasks. This is where specialization comes in handy to save the day.  

Interior design in Kenya

Kenya has been spotlighted and added to the countries whose interior design industry has rapidly sky-stricken over a short time. Due to this reason, there has been a rise in demand for interior design and DIY services; in the modern-day job market. There are various schools and institutions in Kenya offering this course at cost-effective fees and charges. Candidates can get to pursue the course there and specialize in different sectors of the field. Having a Certificate, Diploma or Degree in this course will put you at the toplist and increase your chances of getting a good-paying job; and potential deals in the future. 

Interior design skills to pursue

Ranging from Space planning, programming, site inspection, conceptual development, to decoration; you can get to specialize in a certain skill and maximize your potential in your target market. Fortunately, individuals and companies will always be in need of these DIY services no matter what the timeline. Many people like their commercial and office spaces neat and well designed. Having a clean and well-designed working space increases one’s productivity. Although earning a gig or job opportunity might be challenging sometimes, having a certificate, diploma or degree is what will make you outstanding in the market today. This post will help you consider and choose the right institution for your passion and profession. Hereby, we are going to check out the interior design courses, universities, requirements, fee structure; and best colleges offering in Kenya. You can even pursue an interior design course online in certain institutions and universities in Kenya today. 

Interior design programs in Kenya 2021

Kenya has joined the short list of countries offering the best interior design curriculum across the globe. These countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Cyprus and Australia. Let’s check out the list of interior design courses, universities, requirements, fee structure, and best colleges offering in Kenya:

Certificate in interior design

Candidates can decide to begin with a certificate before pursuing a diploma then finalize with a degree. However, some might pursue only the certificate programme and start working as soon as they are done. A certificate in interior design takes a short span of about two years. One can enrol themselves in part-time or online classes if one is multitasking on other commitments. Institutions that offer certificate course programmes in Kenya include:

  • Egerton University Nakuru (Town Campus)
  • Kenyatta University
  • Maseno University
  • East Africa Institute of Certified Studies (ICS)
  • Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA)
  • Dykaan college
  • Kenya Polytechnic University College
  • Kenya Industrial Training Institute
  • Kinoo Vocational Training Centre
  • Ashley’s Beauty College
  • Marianist Technical Institute

Entry requirements

For one to be accredited to pursue a certificate in interior design, they must have the following requirements to qualify for the programme:

  • A minimum KCSE grade of D+
  • One copy of their Academic slip
  • Their exam body
  • A copy of their identification card, birth certificate and passport pictures as well
  • High desire to pursue the course

A Diploma in Interior design

After undertaking your certificate in interior design, you can proceed to the diploma. However, some individuals might decide to go directly for a diploma if they’ve attained the set requirements. Here are the universities and colleges in Kenya that offer this course programme:

  • Machakos University
  • Nairobi Institute of Technology
  • Evelyn College of Design
  • Maseno University
  • Bururburu Institute of Fine Arts
  • Kenyatta University
  • Catholic University of Computer Science and IT
  • Kenya Polytechnic University College
  • East Africa Institute of Certified Studies (Mombasa and Nairobi)
  • Spring Hill College of Business and Technology

Entry requirements

The duration for pursuing a diploma interior design course in any of the above universities is around 1 to 2 years. Learners interested in pursuing this course must have attained the following academic specifications:

  • An average of C- (Minus) 
  • A pass in Art and design or any craft and architecture certificate

Nowadays, a student can decide to pursue their diploma part-time or even undertake the programmes online while handling other commitments. Moreover, candidates can pursue this course full-time and this can take up to 1½ to 2 years. Apart from going in for this course in universities and colleges, one can seek interior design courses online, pursue them and get certified by the involved abroad or local institution. 

Bachelor of Arts in Interior design degree

The degree course programme comes along with more detail and specialization in the interior design course field. It equips students with the design skills and knowledge vital in the industrial, economic, commercial, and even technological sectors as far as interior designing is concerned. Universities offering a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design degree include:

  • The Technical University of Kenya (TUK)
  • Maseno University
  • The University of Nairobi (UoN)

Entry requirements

For an applicant to qualify to undertake a full Interior Design course, they need to fulfil the requirements stated below:

  • A minimum KCSE mean grade of C+
  • An average of at least a C+ in English/Kiswahili, Mathematics, Chemistry/Biology/Physics
  • KNEC Diploma holders
  • KACE (Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education)
  • Degree holders in related courses from recognized institutions

Ranging from Ksh. 70,000 to Ksh. 900,000; the amount of fees payable to pursue an interior design probably varies from one institution to another. You are advised to visit or contact the specific college or university to get the accurate information and data you need for your admission.

Application forms and Course Outlines

Interested applicants can visit the universities’ and college portals to access and download free interior design course outlines. The course outline displays what the course programme entails and any upcoming tasks for the ongoing students. Download and fill the application forms keenly before submitting them on the websites. Some individuals prefer going for these documents in the specific offering institutions over the shelf. Go through the interior design course programmes above before making your professional choice as a reference source. Keenly look-see the interior design courses, requirements, universities, fee structure, and colleges offering in Kenya before making your career decision today.

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