TSC announces Teacher promotion Interview dates

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  1. JOHN MUTHUI says:

    Requiring teachers to wear uniforms is totally unreasonable. What added value do you get from a teacher by forcing any form of uniform on them? Nancy Macharia should come clear on this matter. Not all reforms are necessary or of benefit to the teaching fraternity. Lets leave uniforms to pupils and students, teachers had their uniforms up to college level.

  2. Definitely she is bullying teachers with much hatred. Tell her we have left her to God to deal with her. She doesn’t mean any good to a Kenyan teacher, having been in annals of history forcifully signing a non monetary CBA, she does even think of how teachers pay is low. Always coming with dacronion policies to oppress teachers more in the name of improving on standards. Lengoibon did well and listened before acting, being a teacher those times was cherish able. Tell her she will leave and a very bad image and evil legacy. She is oppressing teachers not helping them at all. The issue of allowances from SRC, we are waiting to see her input torwads fighting for teachers since teachers allowances are not payed in accordance with terms as in public service act and harmonization in all other professions across same Cadre.

  3. Bokalez Jadell says:

    She is a devil worshipper, very oppresive Moi like stances, where in the world do teachers put uniform? Its mocking teachers infront of their students. Uniforms are meant to either confer authority or humility, in this case, humiliation.

  4. Andrew Simiyu says:

    Nancy Macharia is a figure of disappointment to teachers we hate her because of the following three
    1, She has a doctorate that is why she is our commissioner and yet she insists teachers who acquired degrees genuinely are not recognized and no promotion we are really suffering after securing laons to further education our payslips in icu.
    2,Why should teachers go back to school you have disappointed many with good papers now she demands that we should learn her modules
    3, Uniform no need we are okey

  5. I agree, the tears of teachers will be the demon that will antagonize her life for good. She is a heartless woman. Nī kūrī Ngai Nancy Macharia. Kuna life after hiyo ofisi. Kilio Cha teachers kitafuata.

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