Italy vs Belgium-UEFA Nations League


  • Italy and Belgium will be fighting for the bronze medal after missing out on the final of the UEFA nations league.
  • Italy‚Äôs unbeaten record of 37 games came to an end after their disappointing defeat to Spain.
  • Belgium will now have to consider the bronze cup for a second time after failing to qualify for the UEFA nations league final after their defeat to France.

Italy vs Belgium-UEFA Nations League

This will be a very interesting match as both teams have superior players and have reached the semi-finals more than twice. Football fans saw Italy lose their first game in a long time after going thirty-seven games without a defeat. The defeat came as a surprise as Spain capitalized on their chances to kill off the game and send Italy packing. Donnaruma is looking for a good start with the fans after the last game between Spain saw him being booed by the Italian fans after he made the switch from AC Milan to PSG. Bonnucci will not be available for the game versus Belgium as he got a red card in the entertaining UEFA nations league semi-final match versus Spain, which saw them lose and get knocked out.

Italy vs Belgium nationals league

Belgium on the other hand has superior players including the likes of Kevin de Bryune and Romelu Lukaku, although they have never proceeded to an international final and are always getting knocked out in the semi-final. Belgium was knocked out in the semi-final in the 2018 world cup by France but went ahead to win the bronze medal. The same happened for the UEFA nations league where they were still knocked out by a superior France in a second-half comeback. They will now have to fight for the bronze medal versus the Euro 2020 winners, Italy of which should be an intense showdown.

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