Jalango’s Gift to a mother leaves her in tears


  • Radio presenter Jalango left a mother in tears after gifting her a child’s wheelchair.
  • The mother went down on her knees thanking Jalango

Detailed News

Jalango made a visit to a mother who has been having a disabled child. He gifted the mother a wheel chair which made the mother cry overwhelmed with emotions. She said that she has been appealing for help since 2019 in vain. In the video, the woman can be herd saying that she didn’t know and has never met Jalango, only to recieve a wheelchair she had been unable to get for years.

“Thank you so much for feeling my pain as a mother. I have sought help since 2019 and not even one person came through until I met Jalang’o, and he heard my cry,” the mother said.

Kenyan celebrities have been known to show acts of philanthropy which amazes Kenyans. Celebrities have paid hospital bills, provided jobs and even given capital to some so they can start their own businesses.

This is not the first time Jalango is showing acts of philanthropy. Previously, Jalango appealed to kenyans and friends of goodwill to contribute towards medical treatment of Harun Gataru who needed 5 million shillings for treatment of her s legs and hands.

Kenyans have praised the acts of kindness blessing those who offer help to others.

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