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JSC Shortlisted Candidates Interview Venue

The shortlisted candidates for JSC job positions shall be required to avail themselves on the date and time indicated in the table above for interview.

How To Prepare For Your JSC Interview

  1. Don’t panic or think of any complex process, the interview shall be simple that your preparation and expectation.
  2. On prepare adequately for the interview. Put together what you shall wear, the documents and tools to carry along.
  3. Make a prior visit to the Kenya school of monetary studies and get to know the venue and interview room and every other helpful information you can lay your hand on.
  4. Research around the content and details related to the judiciary and government of Kenya. The below JSC shortlisted candidates questions and answers shall cut the extra work for you.
  5. On the interview date, arrive and get settled and ready at the interview venue atleast 30 minutes before your turn.

JSC Court Assistant II Interview | What Documents To Carry Along

  • Copies of your resume. 
  • Copies of your cover letter.
  • Copies of your professional portfolio or clips if the job requires them.
  • Avoid carrying excess materials to the interview room. Like bottles of water or juice, notebook or notes of any kind. Do not refer to any notes during the interview.

The questions below are general and were prepared at an earlier date. The real questions we got from the ongoing interview excersise are in this pdf guide are in this guide.

JSC Court Assistant II Interview Questions And Answers

Tell me about yourself?

Answer this with the following:
✓ Your name, age and nationality.
✓ Your academic qualifications
✓ Your intrest that relates to the job post.


” I am so and so, a Kenyan of age this.
I am a graduate with a certificate or diploma in this.
I have intrest in legal proceedings and processes and like attending case proceedings, it has been my urge to be part of the team that makes things happen within court.”

Who is the chief justice of Kenya?

The chief justice of Kenya is Hon. Lady Justice Martha Karambu Koome who was appointed the Chief Justice of Kenya in May 2021.

What is the structure of the judicial Service commission?

Under Article Article 171(1) of the Constitution of Kenya, the Judicial Service Commission consists of the following 11 members:

The Chief Justice,

who shall be the chairperson of the Commission;

✓ One Supreme Court judge elected by the judges of the Supreme Court;

✓ One Court of Appeal judge elected by the judges of the Court of Appeal;

✓ One High Court judge and one magistrate, one a woman and one a man, elected by the members of the association of judges and magistrates;

✓ The Attorney-General;
Two advocates, one a woman and one a man, each of whom has at least fifteen years’ experience, elected by the members of the statutory body responsible for the professional regulation of advocates;

✓ One person nominated by the Public Service Commission;

✓ One woman and one man to represent the public, not being lawyers, appointed by the President with the approval of the National Assembly;

✓ The Chief Registrar of the Judiciary who is the Secretary to the JSC.

State 3 functions of the chief justice of kenya?

✓ Heads the judiciary
✓ Is the president of the Supreme Court
✓ Chairs the Judicial Service Commission
✓ Swears in newly admitted advocates of the High Court
✓ Assigns duties to the judges of the supreme court
✓ Swears into office the President, Deputy President and Cabinet Secretaries

Give 3 functions of the attorney general in kenya

✓ The Attorney general is the Chief Legal adviser to the government Chief state
✓ Prosecution
✓ Interprets the laws of Kenya
✓ Drafts government bills
✓ Services as ex-officio member of parliament

Who heads court proceedings?

Chief Justice: Supreme Court Of Kenya
Principle Judge: High Court Of Kenya
President of the court of appeal: The court of appeal of Kenya
Judge: The Industrial Court
Judge: The Environment and Land Court
Magistrate: The Magistrates’ Courts
Chief Kadhi and other judges of this court: The Kadhis’ Courts
The president and other judges: The Court Martial;
The Tribunals established by an Act of Parliament.

What are the responsibilities of a court Assistant II?

– i) Assisting litigants and members of the public to access courts and court services.– ii) Verifying pleadings before filing– iii) Preparing court documents as provided in various statutes;– iv) Diarizing mention and hearing dates of all ongoing cases; v) Preparing of cause lists;– vi) Updating and accurately maintaining the case registers– vii) Issuing appeal numbers and proof reading typed proceedings;– viii)Calling for lower court records for appeal or review purposes;– ix) Compiling statistical records based on routine or special sources of information;– x) Calculating and posting of personal dues and other entitlements;– xi) Filing of documents including pleadings, letters and receipts;– xii) Drafting simple letters; and– xiii)Assessing and collecting court fees, deposits and fines.2. Court Registries.– i) Registration of cases ,opening and retrieval of case files;– ii) Issuance of summonses, notices and preparation of warrants;– iii) Proof-reading court proceedings;– iv) Entering judgments and other court orders;– v) Compiling monthly returns under the supervision of a senior officer; and– vi) Compiling daily, monthly and any other returns under the supervision of– a senior officer; and– vii) Compiling of statistical returns.3. Court Interpretation– i) Ensuring that the courtrooms-chambers are properly arranged and that– files and stationery are available for use by Judicial Officers;– ii) Calling out names of parties to a suit;– iii) Interpreting court proceedings;– iv) Conducting swearing of witnesses ;– v) Preparing orders for signature;– vi) Maintaining court diaries;– vii) Compiling of statistical returns;– viii)Receiving, listing and securing exhibits; and ix) Ensuring security of files and exhibits.

Update and inform yourself on the latest trending stuff concerning governance and the judiciary of kenya

Expect to be asked about details or listing if trending topics currently in the judiciary and the government of Kenya.
Follow up stories and keep up to date using twitter, and media outlets including websites and television.

What makes you fit for this position?

Your job is to convince him that:
✓ YOU can do the work and deliver exceptional results to the company
✓ YOU will fit in beautifully and be a great addition to the team
✓ YOU possess a combination of skills and experience that make you stand outHiring
✓ YOU will make him look smart and make his life easier

Inform yourself about general computer knowledge

Expect a question to test your computer skills. Therefore, learn and update yourself with the basic computer skills from powering on, managing files, handling Excell sheets and more.

What previous duties have you performed as a Judicial Assistant?

As a judicial assistant, I performed many duties such as managing judges’ calendars, coordinating and scheduling pre-trial hearings and trials, and determining types of cases and allotted times. In addition, my duties include coordinating and scheduling courtroom assignments and providing support to other personnel, such as court reporters, bailiffs, and clerks.

What is your greatest weakness?

I believe in perfection and never leave a task unless it’s 100% complete as desired. To counter this, I constantly remind myself to stop when I am ahead. Recently, I have started feeling that I am listening to myself.

How do you handle pressure at your workplace?

Being an organized individual, I manage my work in a way that does not put pressure on me. I ensure that my schedule is planned in an organized way.

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