Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation was founded in July of 2000 to manage and sustain the supply of quality water and electricity services to the citizens of Qatar, further to the Emiri Law number 10. Hereby, we are going to check out Kahramaa Electricity And Water Supply Services In Qatar.

Here are a few notable achievements by KAHRAMAA since its inception. 

  • Replacement of old water pipes with new ones built with better design. 
  • Installation of speed pumps to bypass small water towers to facilitate direct pumping from reservoirs to homes. 
  • 24-hour water pumping continuously since June 2008 
  • Increased electricity and water volumes 


The electricity sector has seen remarkable improvements over the past few years. From producing 4032 MW IN 2008 to 8755 MW in 2013. By the end of 2020, production was at 10597 MW. 

The rise in the number of main stations has also seen an increase in the size of cable and overhead lines network. The transmission network is expected to include a new solar power production plant to align with Qatar vision 2030 in two stages. The first stage will be launched in 2021, with a capacity of 350 MW and the second stage finishing in 2022 with a total capacity of 700 MW. 

Cables and OHL 

The Electricity Transmission network grows making use of high-quality products from approved manufacturers ensuring maximum performance and dependability. 

In May 2021, the length of cables in the electricity transmission network had reached 3636 Km, with the total length of overhead lines reaching 2003 Km transmitting different voltage levels. 

For the distribution network, cables reached a length of 21000 Km. 

The Electricity Transmission plans to achieve a total stretch covered by overhead lines to 2310 Km by January 2022. 

NCC and DCC 

KAHRAMAA monitors and manages electricity supply and distribution networks around the clock. The control centres used are as follows; 

  1. National Control Centre (NCC) to watch over and manage transmission networks for 400 KV and 220 KV alongside all power stations and synchronisation with GCIA control centre. 
  1. Doha Grid Control Center (DGCC) to manage transmission networks of 132, 66, 33 KV. 
  1. Distribution Control Center (DCC) to manage transmission networks of 22, 11 KV.​ 

In addition to these, there are also two emergency control centres to ensure continuity of work in emergencies. A new distribution control centre is under construction to cater for the massive expansion seen by the distribution network. 

The distribution and transmission system by KAHRAMAA is highly effective and reliable with over 9 emergency offices located across the state fully equipped and well-staffed. 


Kahramaa Electricity And Water Supply Services In Qatar


KAHRAMAA has also done the following in the water sector since its inception; 

  • Enhanced the water loss control and network management 
  • Upgrading water distribution services to a 24-hour supply. 
  • Introduction of advanced leak-detection technologies. 

These are a few notable achievements of KAHRAMAA among many others. 


Until the end of 2013, the production capacity of portable desalinated water was 476 Million Imperial Gallons per Day (MIGD). It is further expected to reach 536 MIGD by April 2021, and 636 MIGD by April 2023. 

Development of Water Network 

The transmission water network of KAHRAMAA is now at a total of 1440 Kilometers facilitated by mega reservoirs. The distribution networks are approaching 8380 kilometres and are expected to reach 10000 Km by 2022’s end. 

Water Reservoirs and Pumping Stations 

In the last ten years, the number of reservoir and pumping stations increased from 22 to 37 with water storage capacity increasing 6 times from 290 MIG to 1648 MIGD. Total storage capacity is set to increase to 2392 MIGD. 

National Water Control Center (NWCC) 

The National Water Control Center operates as a centralized water control and monitoring unit with a cutting-edge water SCADA system that efficiently manages the water pumping, storage, transmission, distribution and other vital functions by KAHRAMAA. It also warns of contaminants in the water and detects radioactivity.  As we call it a day, I hope you’ve fully gone through the Kahramaa Electricity And Water Supply Services In Qatar. Use this resource as reference anytime to stay updated.

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