KCB, however independently, allows their customers to use the MPesa Paybill number to deposit funds to their accounts. KCB Paybill number is 522522. In this article, we are going to show you how to deposit money to your KCB bank account via MPesa in Kenya. 

How to deposit money to KCB bank account via MPesa in Kenya 

Depositing money to KCB via Paybill is easy, fast, and efficient. Below is a step by step guide to ensure you transfer funds from your m-pesa to your KCB bank account. 

  1. Start your STK app and open the m-pesa menu 

  2. From your M-pesa menu, select the Paybill option 

  3. From the Paybill option, choose the business number and key in KCB Paybill number: 522522

  4. 4. Next, you shall be required to enter the account number which is your KCB bank account number. Enter and click okay to move to the next step. 

  5. Enter your preferred amount that you want to send to your KCB bank account and click okay 

  6. Enter your M-pesa pin number and accept

  7. Next, confirm the details in the pop-up and click ‘confirm’ to complete the process 

  8. You shall get a confirmation message from both MPesa and KCB confirming deposit.

How to withdraw money from your KCB bank account to M-pesa in kenya 

Now that we know how to deposit money from M-pesa to KCB bank account, let us also see how you can withdraw money from your KCB to your mpesa account. For you to withdraw money from KCB bank to your mpesa, you must first be registered with M-benk or have a pre-installed KCB bank mobile application. Here is the process for registering for m-benki services 

How to register for m-benki services 

  1. Start your stk app and open the m-pesa menu 
  2. On the m-pesa drop-down menu, choose lipa Na M-pesa option then select Paybill 
  3. Next, you shall be required to enter the business number which is KCB Paybill number: 522522 
  4. You now need to enter the account number which is your national ID number 
  5. Enter the amount and press okay 
  6. Next you need to enter your M-pesa pin number 
  7. Next, there shall pop up a confirmation text with the details you entered, if the details are okay, choose the confirm option to complete the transaction. If the details have an issue, press any letter or number within 25 seconds to cancel the transaction and start afresh. 
  8. You shall receive two messages from KCB bank. The first shall be to confirm your transaction and the second shall have your m-benki details. You shall receive your m-benki account id, m-benki number, and pin. To access your m-benki account, use KCB m-benki short code *522# 

How to withdraw money from KCB to m-pesa using KCB USSD code 

Withdrawing money from KCB account number to m-pesa can be easily done via your application or the KCB USSD code which is: *522# 

  1. On your mobile dial pad, key in *255# and send. 
  2. Next, you shall need to enter your KCB m-benki pin to continue 
  3. From the pop-up menu, select mykash and then choose the recipient 
  4. Next, select whether to withdraw to your phone number or to a different number and continue. 
  5. Now you need to enter the amount you want to withdraw. Note that MPesa can allow transactions up to 70,000 Kenyan shillings. 
  6. There shall be a pop-up text with your enters details, if they are okay, confirm to complete your withdrawal transaction. 


What is KCB Pay bill number?

KCB Paybill number is 522522. It allows KCB account holders who are also Safaricom MPesa customers to enjoy fats deposits, withdrawals, and sending money between the two services. 

What are the charges for KCB -mpesa transactions?

KCB to m-pesa and from transactions are cheap. The deposit transaction from m-pesa to KCB is free while withdrawals and sending money apply the m-pesa standard charges. 




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